Dungeon Defenders Dated

Dungeon Defenders is a kind of RPG tower defence game that supports cross platform play. Players will be able to keep a persistent character throughout the PC, PS3 or mobile versions of the game, although Xbox 360 players will be tied to a single platform.

It’s due out on October 19th on XBLA and PC but the PSN release date is yet to be confirmed. Here’s the launch video highlighting the Squire character:



  1. Mmm, I know which version I’ll be buying then.

  2. Really looking forward to this, would love to see cross platform co-op like in Portal 2. If so I’ll buy the PC version like a shot as it will give me something to play with my kid brother.

  3. Probably won’t bother with this. Ran like absolute crap on iPhone and iPad when they released it.

  4. The cell-shaded look and choice of colour palette looks a bit like Dark Chronicle. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one

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