Podcast: Episode 33

I’m in an odd position this week, writing the podcast post without having actually been there when it was recorded. As I was sadly in London on Thursday, I missed the podcast recording. Hosting duties passed over to Lewis, who is somehow more mature than Peter, and our very own Dan Lee did an admirable job of filling the extra space, particularly when it comes to imparting important knowledge about the Step Up series. He probably talked about games a bit as well, but it was the Step Up info that really drew my attention.

Obviously, for those of you who aren’t quite as in love with on screen dancing, they did cover a few other bits and pieces as well. Dan detailed his experiences running away from giant trolls in Xenoblade Chronicles, which you can read more about over here if it strikes your fancy, and also talked about Skullgirls which sounds, frankly, insane. Not content with two games he also chatted about El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, which is based on the bible apparently.

If hearing about bio-augmented men from the near future is more your thing, then Peter’s got you covered with his chat about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He also gave us a second opinion on Limitless and Your Highness, after watching them at Lewis’ recommendation.

Speaking of Lewis, he topped up Peter’s film opinions with a few of his own. First up was The Silent House, a Uruguayan horror film that continues Lewis’ seeming distaste for films shot in English. He did manage to watch one film without subtitles though, casting his eye over Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s newest offering; Paul. As well as that he also had his regular competition, which we’ve got the details of below. As I was away and, stupidly, forgot to forward the emails to anyone we’ll be doing the draw for last week’s competition next week. However, I’m not going to reopen the entries.

I’d also like to take a moment to apologise for a few dips in quality, something strange was going on with Dan’s microphone which has made him come out sounding a little strange and introduced a nasty hum in places. I’ve done my best with it in the edit, but it’s not quite up to scratch.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. I rarely get the time to listen to the podcast but this week is an exception as i have some time off, looking forward to hearing anything you guys have to say about Deus Ex – it’s a quality game and i’m quite gobsmacked by it!
    I thought Paul was great fun when i watched it at a mates house so i’ve just picked it up on bluray myself as it definitely warrants a few more viewings.

  2. I’m yet to listen to a podcast yet but I will make sure I will have a look at this one on itunes later on. watched Limitless the other night too and i see Peter’s giving his opinions on it which would be good to hear

  3. I’m listening to it right now. I wonder if i was mentioned? ;-) I wonder if Dan used all of the questions in mah thread? I think Dan has been on 4chan if he has been running away from giant trolls. :p

    I think he ask everyone on twitter if he should kill a big beast.

    Don’t force Peter to bump up the questions thread as he will do it you know. He is a madman!

  4. if i had the money i’d buy xenoblade right now.
    i think from what i’ve seen of xenoblade it’d be considered an asset on any console.

    some of the best foreign horror movies come from japan.
    like the ring series, dark water, and the grudge films
    takeshi shimizu seems to have made a career of the grudge films, several japanese originals, and he even directed the american remake.
    and it’s sequel apparently.

    mind you the scariest films i’ve seen are the original poltergeist and the exorcist.
    that bit where the guy peels the skin off his face gave me nightmares when i was younger.

    paul was pretty decent, one thing i did like was how they managed to get in so many sci fi quotes but using them in some sort of context instead of just randomly quoting.

    i started reading ex machina from the comic store, and, well you know what happened with that.

    personally i think one of the best things about true blood is anna paquin.
    and i love that southern belle accent she has in the series.
    i’m a sucker for an accent.

    i got 3 on the quiz.
    made me realise how little new tv i watch.
    at least when it comes to american stuff anyway.
    bloody sky get it all.

    i haven’t seen game of thrones either. :(

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