Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gives Out Coded Message

A couple of days ago those with the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution received a notification on the menu screen telling them that a special message was incoming.

Well, that message has been sent out, although it’s all a bit Valve-like.



I’ve cracked out my decoder ring, and even drafted The Famous Five to come in and help, but alas the answer escapes me. Apparently we need to keep an eye on the Deus Ex site for updates.

Source: VG247




  1. Well sod that, far too complicated for me! Still, what an absolutely outstanding game that I’m absolutely loving.

    • Totally agree, feels like MGS in FP which is a great thing! Loving Human Revo…

      • Aha – I’m glad someone said that, as i now know i can safely avoid it & know i am not missing out on anything.

        Cheers! :)

      • By that i’m assuming your not a MGS fan Forrest

      • Yeah, you would be right there!

        Played the first one & i did admittedly enjoy it, but got really tired of having to sneak everywhere all the time (plus got really bored with the sequel when i played it) – I don’t mind a bit of stealthy play, but if i get ‘caught’, i don’t want to have to start that section again just because someone ‘saw’ me, just let me shoot my way out of there!

      • I have a dislike to MSG too, yet i am loving Deus Ex. And the thing about Deus ex is, if someone does spot you, you can shoot your way out of there. It is completely up to you

  2. “Ok mate,…” stuck with the rest I’ll get back to you.

    • “..dead space 4, driving under influence?” Not sure that’s right.. Must be more complicated than text speak or acronyms..

  3. Intriguing, I think I’ll wait until someone else solves this though.

    Loving Deus Ex, I think I’m nearing the end now. Brilliant game.

  4. Rented this one yesterday, only managed to put about an hour in so far.

    Noticed a QR code on a cardboard box (in game) zapped it with my phone and it takes you to ‘’.

    Pretty cool, but not had chance to really check out the site yet.


    • That’s pretty damn awesome.

  5. I saw that notification on the ps3 version but not the encrypted msg yet, might appear when i load it up today.
    Intriguing stuff, i wonder if it’s hinting at some sort of DLC? I’m taking my time with the game as i want to savour every bit of it on my first playthrough, I haven’t played a game of this quality since ME2.

  6. Intrigued by this one, absolutely loving the game. I think it’s the only game I ever played which thanks you in-game for preordering it, it’s a sweet touch. Plus the game just oozes class

  7. As above, really loving this game, so glad I pre-orderd it. Looking forward to seeing what the coded message says when it’s cracked.

  8. Fuck solving that. I struggle to solve simple things. Hope it’s DLC or something along those lines though as i’m loving it. Will wait for someone else to solve it.

  9. Not really a hidden message but did anyone else notice the Final Fantasy XXVII poster on the wall in Pritchard’s office? It made me chuckle. :)

    • Yeah, bit optimistic wasn’t it, FF XXVII, out in 2027, given Square Enix’s ability to get a game released? We’ll be lucky to see that Versus XIII by then!

  10. I’ve had this game sitting in my room since Fri, but haven’t had a chance to play it yet! It’s killing me!

    • Oh DUDE you gotta play it. Go on you know you want to ^^

    • You won’t be able to put it down man. Brilliant game!

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