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More Details on Dragon Quest X, Wii U Version Unveiled

Square Enix has dropped some more details on Dragon Quest X, and it seems the talk of it switching platforms has been proven false. Pencilled in for 2012, the game will be out on both the Wii and the Wii U, with the idea being that players who begin playing on the Wii could continue on the Wii U after they buy that system.

The Wii U version of the game will be graphically superior, and 3DS compatibility has been mentioned as a possibility. DQX will also let you create your own home and invite friends over; create weapons for others (and if they are used lots your status/name will increase), and when you’re not playing, you can let your character be used by other players in their parties.

There will also be a new job system, with more jobs and quests being added post launch.

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  1. Well that all sounds excellent, love the weapon making idea. Shame its on systems I’ll NEVER own. Ps3/vita ports needed.

  2. I hope Capcom do the same with Monster Hunter in way, *cough *cough, hey come and check out my er.. Felyne Statue. (its glows to!)

  3. DQ games are ace. After the sheer brilliance of XIII, we need another one on a Sony system but if they see fit to go with Wii U, then that’s fine, I’ll need to learn more but it’s a game series I would consider buying a system to play.

    • Wasn’t Dragon Quest VIII the last on a Sony console? Don’t think there is a XIII :P Unless you mean IX on the DS?

      • :) Phill to the rescue. VIII indeed and it WAS awesome. Thanks man, I feel all silly now. :D

  4. I’ve never played one of these before, I wanted Dragon Quest 8, I think it was, for the ps2, but it never ended up happening. That said,I’m not getting a Wii U. PS3 port I command thee!

  5. Wii and Wii U link-up?
    Strange choice, but it’s handy for the upgraders.
    3DS link-up would be a LOT better,if it’s done properly, like PS3/Vita with Ruin.

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