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Subscription Fee Confirmed for Dragon Quest X

Square Enix has now confirmed that Wii/Wii U game ‘Dragon Quest X’ will support a subscription model. Actually, the wording used was “the game is planned to require separate payments in order to play online.”

Square Enix also confirmed yesterday that an online connection will be required to play past the first few hours of the game. Hopefully more information, such as pricing, will be released soon.

Source: Andriasang


  1. thats brave will this be the first pay per month console game ever? and on the wii?

    • I think some Marvel game was. Either way it’s not a good sign in my opinion.

      • i guess it depends on the price, recently started playing dragon quest 8 journey of the cursed king on ps2 is amazing game not sure how i missed it first time round, its also massive give it an online mode it might be worth fiver a month

    • DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3, I think.

    • For some reason people tend to forget Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast. You had to pay for a Hunter’s Licence, which was a monthly subscription fee. After that there was Phantasy Star Online V2,also on the DC and then a remake for the Game Cube. They all required a Hunter’s Licence. One more game I can think of would be Final Fantasy XI for the PS2 and Xbox 360. Both versions required you to pay a monthly fee to Square Enix.
      Short term memory or lack of knowledge about online gaming history on consoles? Shame on you! :P

    • Phantasy Star Online probably was, if not then Phantasy Star Universe definitely was.

      • PSU was much much later…

      • I know, just wasn’t sure if the original had an online fee, and Phantasy Star has really been the only console MMO until Final Fantasy XI (i think?)

  2. Dragon Quest VIII is the only DQ iv’e played and is my favourite game too, so it’s a shame to see this wii exclsuive and pay2play. If it wasn’t subscription based, i might have sucked in to buy a wii u just for this. Shame, they should be making another VIII-like epic for PS3/Vita in my eyes.

  3. This seems quite confusing. So the first few hours are free but to progress further you have to pay a monthly fee? Are the first few hours going to be like a tutorial before you play online, where the real game begins? What kind of game is this going to be? Does it have a MP focus like Phantasy Star Online or will it feature some MMO aspects? It would suck if this was just a method to milk the fans of the series. I haven’t played a DQ game so far but I always asumed it was a RPG like the FInal Fantasy series. Maybe they are going for a FFXI or FFXIV kind of game.

  4. Is there an exclusive deal with Nintendo and the Dragon Quest series now ? DQVIII was one of my favourite games and I’ve been holding out for another playstation game for too long now, makes me upset :(

  5. Can’t see this paying off. Most Ninty gamers these days are either still learning to walk, are grannys who are only interested in the Tennis and Bowling games, or Jedward. None of these would probably be interested in forking out X amount a month to play an online RPG

  6. I think this will work…

    … in Japan. Nintendo advertises to the wrong audience for this to to be successful in Western territories.

  7. My interest as died?

    • Oh, so that’s where that smell is coming from!


  8. Not interested in pay per month at all..

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