Dragon Quest X Beta Starting February

The Dragon Quest X beta is set to launch on February 23rd. Dragon Quest X is an upcoming MMORPG for both the Wii and Wii U, which will feature cross platform play. The first round of beta testers were told the date at the end of January. Square Enix are still recruiting Beta testers.

That’s the good news. Bad news is that you have to live in Japan to take part. When it launches Dragon Quest X will require an online subscription to play past the first few hours of the game.


You can still watch a trailer for Dragon Quest X though. That might cheer you up.

Source: Andriasang



  1. I so wish they’d make a Dragonquest game for PS3, as it’s one of my all time favourite RPG’S.

    • Agreed. I’ve only played Dragon Quest VIII – because it’s been the only one released on a console I’d care to own – and it was superb. It’s a shame to have to miss out (again) on a sequel!

      • Uh-huh. It was even better once I’d figured out how to turn the voices off.

        At the moment, I’ll take nearly any style (preferably turn-based) of RPG on PS3. After what was a golden period for RPG’s last generation, this gen has let me down greatly. I think we could use a few other game styles to counter-balance the vast amount of first-person perspective games, though that’s a different debate entirely.

      • This gen has been a little too “Westernised” for me, RPG-wise, despite sinking considerable time into the likes of Skyrim and Dragon Age, I just couldn’t get on with them and engage with the story. Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata (if I haven’t said it before, Aerobes, THANK YOU) were more enjoyable experiences by far, but the real gems, for me, were last generation – the likes of Dragon Quest, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Chronicle and Steambot Chronicles dominated my PS2 game time. Well, those and PES, back when it was good. Where’s my next-gen Steambot Chronicles sequel, huh?

      • Happy to be of service. I’m just glad you enjoyed it. ;)

  2. Oh great, another life sucking MMORPG, i spent 6 years on FF11 back befor it was released to europe and never again. Give me a long hard game that can actually be beaten some day withought having to pay every month just to keep my profile. Games should have online play, even on onine word, but should still be a stand alone core storyline.

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