Resistance 3 Gets ANOTHER 600MB ‘Patch’

You might not mind having to download a 600MB patch, but we do.  And it’s not like this is the first – there was already one not five days ago.  At the time we had drafted up a bit rant about the whole thing, furious that the game had seemingly shipped unfinished and needing a massive patch just to get it up to speed.

We remember thinking “that’s not a patch, it’s a CD ROM”.

We dropped it, though, assuming that the disk we had was early code, and the patch was just for reviewers who had the game so early.  This wasn’t the case, of course, anyone with a retail disk during the week faced the same download.

Some of us here are getting bored of this whole process now.  It seems unique to the PS3 (at least in terms of how long and massive these patches are) and it’s a terrible example of what the console can do – and, at first glance, seems that something only Sony’s first and second parties can get away with.

GT5, Everybody’s Golf and there are certainly others that seem happy to require huge downloads, and regularly.

Regardless, here’s what was fixed in 1.01, and what’ll be fixed in 1.02 when you download the patch.

1.01 Changes:

– Wardens will clip through the sides of the train as they are jumping aboard
– Some syncing issues (rubber banding and stuttering in online coop)
– Authority player does not see certain intels already unlocked in game when playing with someone who has nothing unlocked (Most fixed)
– In Mine Town Train, the non-authority player will load off the train when authority player quickly selects and loads into a checkpoint.
– In Mine Town Train, the non-authoring players spawns outside the train when loading into MTT for the first time after installing.
– A progression stopper can occur when Lester does not hand the Marksman to the players before entering the Junkyard.
– Charlie will not progress from the Palace checkpoint if player runs ahead of him all the way through from the start of the CHASE checkpoint.
– Custom control layout names will chance into text strings after installing the gold patch.
– Crash when using voice chat in staging.
– Matchmaking Fix
– Sometimes first around of game will immediately end in a draw, the second round will continue without problems.
– General Lag / matchmaking issues will continue to be addressed with server optimizations, though you should generally have a clean experience.

1.02 changes:

– Players should no longer get into “dead” games that don’t operate correctly
– Improvement in framerate/lag
– Matchmaking fixes
– Fewer players floating / clipping through environment
– Fix for freezing/crashing issues if you join a game as it is ending
– Can no longer leave party while in a co-op game (was causing a crash)
– Party fixes dealing with multiple invites, co-op
– Some SFX in St. Louis have been cleaned up
– Broadway map now loads games correctly
– Fixed issues when late-joining a campaign co-op game
– Multiple fixed issues on Chapter 13 in co-op
– Female voice over will now play for female skins in MP
– Player using Hazmat ability will no longer appear to catch fire or freeze
– Other various lobby, menu, co-op and multiplayer fixes

Our 8/10 review of Resistance 3, which launches today, is here.


  1. Yeah 2 patches in one day -_- first I popped in the disc update and install roughly 30/40mins.
    Then popped in again after the code for Online at a later time – 20min update!

  2. I don’t understand the size of the update. With Hydrophobia the developers managed to change many game elements and fix a lot of bugs within a 3MB patch.

    • Same, those all look like code changes – I don’t understand the size.

      • To be fair to them, the 1.01 patch did require assets to be changed (though this doesn’t seem to have been listed), and this is the reason for it being 600MB in size.

        Where it gets ridiculous is that instead of 1.02 bolting onto 1.01, it’s a combo patch that includes everything from 1.01 in it too. The file size difference is just 20MB, so 1.02 could have been released as a 20-30MB delta patch, and not been such a massive PITA for people who have mediocre connections and encountered 1.01 stand alone.

        This method is really, really stupid. I remember Killzone 2 did something where patched were all fairly small and serial until about 6 months down the line, when they combined everything into a nice 120MB patch, and ended patching support. THAT is how you do it.

  3. The size doesn’t bother me, as Bioshock, Lost Planet 2, MGS, GT5 have install data of 4gb or more. However in a patch form, I can see why this would frustrate when you just want to play the game, AND when your internet speed is bad. Can these auto download in the background for PS+ers?

    Is this kind of thing really exclusive to PS3, I don’t own an XBox so can’t compare?

    For me it’s not really an issue if it improves the game, but I have a 500gb HDD and a 6.5Mb internet speed.

    • I would agree with you, but I have an old PS3 with a smaller HDD, so everything downloaded is a ****…

  4. The size properly has something to do with optimized graphics.

    But Insomniac / Sony should really look into the problem, that the region locked PSN pass, doesn’t appear to be using for all users on the system, where the PSN has been “downloaded”.

  5. Great so I haven’t even got the game yet and now there’s already over 1gb of patches waiting for me. I’m no game developer but I don’t see how all these fixes added up to 1gb worth of patches.

    • Only one patch to install for me, v 1.02 (“Resistance 3 EU” and I’m in Norway), and it was 676mb.

  6. It took a while for my mate just to get the game going yesterday with firmware updates, patches and installs. It was frustrating to say the least. Plus he had to quit the game to type in the Network Pass code, another unnecessary hassle.

    Also, playing the game I encountered a bug that isn’t listed there. On the boat level early on I couldn’t see any enemies and couldn’t take any damage even though I was seemingly on the boat. All of a sudden I appeared inside a train car off the boat, somewhere in the middle of the river before being forced to teleport to my teammate where I could play the game properly again.

    You have to question sometimes how much work goes into quality checking these games. It seems devs are happy to ship the game out and let early adopters figure out the problems for them…

    • That last line…..yup, that!

      • I also agree, how do they get away with it, beats me!

    • Awesome, just got into a TDM where I couldn’t activate any of my abilities (spotter, lightning shield) and the scoreboard said I had 0 kills, deaths and assists. Amazing.

    • Yup, must played a game all the way through. Earned Assualt Shield 3 times. Each time it activated but never appeared. The bar ran down but it didn’t work. At the end it said XP earned 0, but on the XP screen where the bar fills it added XP there at least.

      • And now it’s crashed my PS3. FFS. Didn’t have this many problems yesterday…

  7. At least the game shouldn’t be broken I guess, I’d have happily downloaded a gb worth of patches for the fallout games. Still, doesn’t help those few people without an Internet connection buying a half finished game. Immediate patches – both a good thing, and bad.

  8. Gah. Hopefully I don’t need to download these patches to play the co-op with my mate. Does anyone know if this game has system link options?

  9. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

    Personally I’m not fussed about day 1 patches… why would I be?

    • I dunno, why would you be?

    • I think it’s more of a culmination of PS3 firmware, patches, installs all rolled into one. When you buy a game you just want to get home and play it, not sit for an age before you can.

  10. Fewer players floating / clipping through environment
    LMFAO! Fewer? Every time I play certain matches I see people literally flying through the air like Neo inside the Matrix, lol. I’m now convinced that insomniac gave this game the ol’ Infinity Ward- MW2 treatment once they found out that they were no longer making resistance games. I guess they thought that since everybody is going to play BF3 or CoD in a few months they’d just phone this one in. Buy the time they get this game fixed we’re going to have more game data on our HDDs than what’s stored on the disc.

    • I believe you could be right on this. I was looking at buying this today, I might get Dead Island instead now.

      • Me too, I think i’ll pass now..

    • “Fewer players floating / clipping through environment”

      Just screams unfinished to me, especially along with everything else and a massive texture pack not listed too
      I know reviewers find it hard to play multiplayer (nobody online, passes don’t work & etc & etc), but come on this sheit is obvious to anyone who spent 3 seconds in the beta

      • Maybe Insomniac would’ve like to release in november, but i suppose September would’ve been easier to get sales and to stand out from the crowd.

        Although i’m sure I read a few months ago that they said the game is basically finsihed, hell knows what they’ve been doing…

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