[email protected]: October 2011 Stats & Competition

The end of September usually brings some warm weather before Autumn comes into effect, which unfortunately means a drop in folding. Come winter though, we might get a boom as the electricals we use will heat up our homes nicely. During the first 3 weeks of September the weather was near neutral which meant we could get a fantastic run, earning us over 100,000 points per day, which would have brought us up to 3.1million. Damn that hot weather.

Win TSA Badges

If you were looking for something more substantial as a prize, then shame on you as, A) TSA Badges are awesome (check out mynameisblair’s) and 2) Mr. Peter “Bringer of Chaos” Chapman has limited funds.

Peter has kindly donated 13 badges for me to distribute amongst you. Here’s how you can win 1:

  1. Be one of the three special contributors I pick,
  2. Write a comment below (using a special phrase), you don’t need to fold to comment, however we’ll be disappointed with you. Five qualifiers will be picked at random.
  3. In old FAH competition style, submit at least one WU within the next seven days. Five qualifiers will be picked from random.

The lucky 13 will be announced next week.

August Highlights

Reaching 100,000PPD was a massive step to our contributions to [email protected] and allowed us to potentially reach over 3 million points over the month. To put that into perspective, we only started breaking the million points per month barrier back in February, and that took us 6 months of trying to get to that level. Obviously each member has their part to play in the team, but these are the ones that stand out the most.

RedStarGlow – For a long time RSG’s been the backbone to the team, sitting at number 1 for over a year, which in its own right deserves a mention, but this month’s mention is because he’s pumped out over 756,000 points, more than we, as a team folded in December.

Deathbrin – Deathbrin has been on our folding team for nearly 2 years (previously stopping on the 25/02/10 with 2,252 points) but made a serious come back this month, beating RSG to the number 1 active spot, and in total folded over 761,000 points this month.

What is [email protected]?

It is an application the makes use of your PS3’s processing power to solve biological puzzles. These particular puzzles are looking at how protein molecules assemble themselves or ‘fold’. Proteins are exceptionally important molecules and [email protected]’s biomedical research is currently studying diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and cancer as well as working to develop new antibiotics.

Other research aided by [email protected] recently has been the study of the influenza virus looking at how mutations might affect transmission rates of different strains of the virus to help predict and understand future pandemics. It is not only biomedical science that benefits either. In 2009 two of the principal scientists behind [email protected] presented a paper entitled “[email protected]: lessons from eight years of distributed computing” at the IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium.

By contributing to [email protected] you are helping advance biology, chemistry and computer science, you get to do your bit for the good of humanity, become part of the most powerful distributed computing cluster in the world, according to Guinness, and join in with TSA’s community. If you often listen to music stored on your PS3′s HDD then your PS3 could be Folding while you listen. So go on, join our team and see how high you can climb in our list of TSA’s top 50 folders.

How do you Join the Team?

The first step is to make sure that you change your PC/PS3’s [email protected] identity from the default to your TSA ID. It could be anything but if you use your TSA ID it will help us recognise you. Then you will need to tell the [email protected] application you want to be in our team.

Next for stats…

UPDATE: Stats on page two have been updated.

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  1. Ooooh a TSA badge, I want

  2. One day I’ll have a powerhouse like those top 2 have. One day…
    Meanwhile, I’m Feeling Hot Hot Hot in Lisbon too, 30º that make me want to stay inside!

    • I’m sure I could see significant increase in points if my computer was left on 24/7.. ah well.

  3. Glad to see my temporary ‘power cut’ didn’t affect my ranking and the team still managed to chip away another 20 places!

    “I always fold because ironing is bad for my special buttons” :)

    • phew, after the stat update i’m still ok… and just in case it wasn’t obvious, by “special buttons” i meant “hot hot hot TSA button-badge”. :)

  4. Just set myself up for some TSA folding.

    I’m feeling hot hot hot from the inside of my house today. I’ve had enough sun, want it to go away now.

  5. Good to see we’re still moving up, and almost about to crack the top 400! Sadly though, my contributions are becoming severely limited now that I’ve moved back into halls :( can’t get clients connected properly at the moment…

    Wish I was feeling hot hot hot like some of the others, but the weather here in Belfast has got a bit wet and dreary.

  6. I would fold but knowing my luck, my PS3 would end up dying on me. I’m lucky that it managed to survive the heat so far. :O

    I’m not sure if i want to fold on my laptop as it could slow it down. It takes roughly 1 and a half- 2 minutes to get the fecker to boot up fully. And I don’t like to leave it on when i’m not using it. :)

    • You got a slim PS3?

      • I have a 80GB Phat(that is the offical spelling ;) and it’s 5 years oldish. I don’t want to put any unnesseccary pressure on it. (well until i have a job and can afford to that is). So i will fold when i get a job as i would be able to save up and replace it if it died on me. :)

      • Well technically the official spellings are PLAYSTATION 3 & PS3 ;).
        But yeah, although it’s perfectly safe to fold on both types of console, it’s best not to add any more pressure, as you say, especially seeing as the PS3 doesn’t get many PPD.

      • Although that being said, if you tend to leave your PS3 on to download things (or listen to music), you can set your PS3 to fold whilst it continues to download (setting the PS3 to turn off when the WU completes).

    • The most ‘dangerous’ time for a PS3 (as with all electronics) is when it is turned on. The initial rush of electrons and rapid increase in heat causes more electronic devices to fail than any other cause.

  7. My target will be a badge and to smash into the top 15. Top 10 is one hell of a leap. Farewell my sweet pc you served me well. I’m going to Fold the F£”k out of this month.

    • The problem I have is Heat from my graphics card. It just seems to feel Hot, Hot, Hot? I’ll have a tweek and see what I can do.

  8. Not my best picture…

  9. fattyuk needs special badge!

    just got my virgin broadband upgraded :D so folding like there’s no tomorrow!!

    (how old is that list though as I’m about 66th I think with well over 40.000 points?)

    • yer I’m 62nd with 42,698 points :D

    • that list was compiled at about 1:30am 1/10/11.

    • Yes, that is last months, passed on the message and the correct stats, so shall be updated soon.

  10. Am i feeling hot hot hot or are those rankings from a month ago?

    • I fink so!!

      • 100% as Im 246 wus and on this list it’s 179. redstar has done 5644 compared to 5215 on this list (bloody hell mate lol over 400 in a month!)

      • And i’m completely absent!!

    • Oh bollocks…

    • Yes, that is last months, passed on the message and the correct stats, so shall be updated soon

      • To be honest, my first thought was you just renamed me to “Jas-n” ;P

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