Modern Warfare 3 ‘Redemption’ Trailer

There is one month to go until Modern Warfare 3 hits stores, and Activision has released a new trailer titled ‘Redemption’. I must say, it does look good.

Source: One of Swords



  1. To all the haters…
    Your moves are miscalculated & underestimating your enemies, your biggest mistake. You will find the will of a single brand can be broken.

  2. looked good but it is no UC3.

  3. Excited for this! Single player looks so much better than the MP

  4. Looks as awesome as bf3. The real question in the ever intense rivalry is does it get passed the start screen? If the answer is yes then it’s won in my eyes!!

  5. I must say I have preferred MW to any of Treyarchs games. The set pieces looks good but It does looks very far fetched. A bit of gameplay would have been nice too

  6. Cannot wait. Judging by most of the comments on mw3 articles, the same die hard fans ( too!) keep appearing. we could have a kick ass clan! It has clan support this time around am i right in thinking?

    • Havn’t played cod with you guys, but i noticed when playing bf3.b with some of you, we were always near the top of the board, if not top. Thought the same, if anyone wanted to play together as a competitive clan in bfmw3, we would kick some ass.

    • I do remember playing in the MW2 clan with ColinBarr and a few others. God that was fun!

  7. Just don’t kill everyone I like this time around guys ok? Gaz, Griggs, Ghost, Reznov, Woods… R.I.P.*sniff*

  8. Looks really good, might still get battlefield over it but I’ll definitely get this before the years out.

  9. The last COD I bought and still play online is MW2 so needless to say this is a game I am very excited about. Love video games that have a cinematic story mode.

  10. This actually looks pretty solid, I noticed they had a little RipSaw in there and that was cool.

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