Modern Warfare 3 ‘Redemption’ Trailer

There is one month to go until Modern Warfare 3 hits stores, and Activision has released a new trailer titled ‘Redemption’. I must say, it does look good.

Source: One of Swords


  1. Awesome!

  2. is it me or does that advert have a bit of a battlefield feel to it?

    • Probably you, was done in the same cinematic style of MW2 or any blockbuster movie ad ever probably including Bf3

    • The music/sound! its the same, you know…. the one thats similar to the start of terminator

      • Innit! I know where you’re coming from, about the Terminator part, but the cinematics for this game, are just EPIC!
        I particularly like the part where the Eiffel Tower is shown, wow!
        It just looks awesome, Uncharted 3, and Modern Warfare are two instant buys for me! :DD

    • Yea they ripped of the music!

  3. Loved BlOps campaign, didn’t gel with MW2 & haven’t played any others, that looks amazing though, they certainly know how to do Hollywood blockbuster set-pieces. Heard really positive noises from GAMEfest too.

    Looking forward to it

    • Oh, man. Do get CoD4.

    • Get Modern Warfare one, the campaign on that is actually really good!

    • Well you kinda need COD4 to understand what’s going on in MW2 and COD4 campaign was by far the best but the soundtrack of MW2 was soo much better.

      If you have a 5.1 surround system you will know how much better IW games are.

  4. Can.Not.Wait.

  5. Looking good, gotta admit. Really excited for the sp, mp not so much

  6. So if you had an injury at work, call injury lawyers 4 U.

  7. Looking good. I wonder if they learned their mistakes from MW2 sp.

  8. As someone who doesn’t like the COD games, i have to admit it looks good. Although it looks like it’s got a lot of set peices. :-) I suspect November will be the gaming equilvant of WW3 in sales.

    • MW2 looked good also, but the SP was a complete mess.

      COD:BO was better, so hopefully they learned from that and improved upon it. Personally I’m not gonna pick this up, not before I can find it cheap, as I have no interest in the MP.

  9. Action packed as always. although i’m not a fan of cod they sure know how to do epic!

    • yeah, i think a bit too epic though, sensory overload just went past epic and into the realm of ‘so much is going on it’s boring now’, for me anyways..

  10. Lots of cut scenes, not muhc in the way of gameplay.

    • Exactly what i’ve thought. :)

    • That’s no bad thing as long as they eventually provide us with some meaty in-game action. The cut-scenes look over-the-top and full of entertainment. Equally, I’m sure they’ll provide something the masses will love. It’s what they do best.

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