ITV To Be Investigated By Ofcom Over Arma II Footage

A couple of weeks ago ITV used Arma II footage in a documentary, which we reported on here.

The Arma II footage was used in the documentary ‘Exposure: Gaddafi and The IRA.’ Now, according to The Guardian, Ofcom has launched an investigation into whether ITV broke broadcasting rules.  I contacted ITV when the story first came to light and they sent the following response:


“The helicopter shooting featured in Exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA was a genuine incident but it would appear that during the editing process the correct clip of the 1988 incident was not selected and other footage was mistakenly included in the film by producers.  This was an unfortunate case of human error for which we apologise.”

Bohemia Interactive, developers of Arma II, will not be taking legal action over the use of the game footage without permission.

Source: Guardian/Digital Spy



  1. too right ! know idea how it passed for actual footage

    • *no -.-

    • Especially since Arma 2 is far from the most realistic looking shooter going.

  2. ‘Human error’ my arse, bloody media!

    • Yep, there must be some reason why they had the game footage.
      Anyway, free publicity for the game, probably why Bohemia Interactive aren’t taking legal action.

      • & it all becomes so clear:)

      • I honestly reckon it was just because modern journalists are so bloody lazy, with google,wikipedia and youtube constituting a large portion of their “research” these days.

      • Whatever the reason it’s inexcusably crap and must have got past a fair few people before going to air.

  3. good it was shocking! no idea how they could have done that. if it was human error then the people who made the show are idoits or too lazy to check up on thier own work

  4. Right so they accidentally used the wrong clip, but why did they have the Arma II clip there in the first place? Not so “mistakenly included” methinks!

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking!

  5. I think everyone on TSA doesn’t believe the excuse. I mean, what were they doing with a clip of Arma 2 that was specifally trying to recreate whatever that documentary was about? Or how did the employee cock up so badly? If it is truely human error then where are they getting these people from?

    I bet they were planning to use it to badmouth video games as we all know according to the media “VIDEO GAMES ARE EVIL AND CAUSES CANCER!, IT CAUSES BALDNESS, IT CAUSES JOUNRALISTS TO SPOUT BS” Or something along those lines, it sounds all the same to me.

  6. How can this be human error? ‘Er, what happened was I was playing Arma 2 on me PC and me mate who is a journalist mistook my monitor for a window and thought for a second he had gone back in time to Ireland and started filming away.’ Hmm, no it was not human error, just typlical lazy journalists who can’t be arsed doing a bit of research and instead just made something up. How they get away with this BS I do not know. This is just a lie trying to cover up for another lie and nothing better than that.

  7. Hope they are hung….

  8. Don’t belive the story behind the apology, but an apology nevertheless.(took a while though.)

  9. Arma go to hope ITV gets punished, its a bit odd at the same time but its well deserved.. shame on you ITV..or er UTV..

  10. Well ARMA thinking it could be awkward for them! :)

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