MTV Mexico Game Awards Are Weird

The MTV Mexico game awards were handed out last night and there are a couple of surprise winners amongst the equally surprising categories.

LittleBigPlanet is a game in which you create worlds to share with your friends and, in a shocking twist, it won the ‘Best Game for Sharing Your World’ award.

Call Of Duty won the best FPS category, a.k.a. the ‘Best Game for Pulling the Trigger’ and the ‘Best Weapon of Mass Destruction’ went to Lionel Messi. No really, it did.

PlayStation cleaned up with Sports Champions winning ‘Best Game to Shake Your Body To’ and game of the year went to Killzone 3.

I think these Mexican game categories are much more fun than ‘Best shooter’ or ‘Best RPG’, perhaps if we petition BAFTA we can get ‘Best skipping over rooftops’ as a category for next year.

Source: Press Release


  1. Thinking about changing all the TSA Game of the Year categories now…

    • Do it :)

    • Best Booty Shaker

      Best Game Featuring 4 Player Co-Op with Helicopters And Jeeps That Has Been Massively Overlooked And You Really Should Buy

      Most Overated Pile Of Poo That Features Portals

      Gayest Game

      Most Hetrosexual Game

      Best Use Of Fridges Within A Cyberpunk Setting

    • please do this

  2. good

  3. Which game won ‘Best Ragequit’ then?

    • Call of Duty won 2 then

    • Super meat boy maybe? I’ve heard that’s ragetastic.

  4. Best FIFA game this year award went too……..FIFA?

  5. KZ3 GOTY? Really? A little surprised, not only was it not the best game of the year in my opinion, It wasn’t even better than KZ2. My vote would be Portal 2..

    • I agree with that. Terrible MP I think

  6. I actually wish you were making up the catergories. As they sound like a Parody of the awards that you would do Tuffers. I suspect we will see the best game that includes Pingwins, Best game that caused Dan Lee to be in pain, Best game that tortures the TSA staff etc.. This year. ;)

  7. Still cannot get enough of KILLZONE 3 online. I have played so many games across the platforms online and nothing comes close to it. Greatest game ever online for def…

  8. Best FPS of the year – KillZone 3

    Best Platform game of the year – LBP2 or R&C:All 4 one

    Best Racing game of the year – MotorStorm 3

    Best Adventure game of the year – Uncharted 3…etc etc

    Now if these games where on the Xbox 360 they would be ‘BEST OF 2011’ according to these MicroSoft loving internet sites LoL

    • ugh its so bias and well you know not every PS3 exclusive is amazing goes for the dullest platformer in the World LBP 2 and Killzone 3..or even 2?! i know I was that bad years ago but its stupid.. I feel disappoint

      Best FPS of the year – Borderlands GOTY, although that should for EDF… cuz I’m bias
      Best Platform game of the year – Isn’t Mario this year? yes? i can’t of anymore…OOoh Sonic? sorry Mario
      Best Racing game of the year – Trackmania 2/Forza 4 maybe?
      Best Adventure game of the year – Dark Souls…etc etc

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