Trine 2 Trailer Shows ‘Unlimited Mode’

Play as any character variation.

Frozenbyte Games has released a new trailer for Trine 2 which shows off the Unlimited Mode. In the original Trine players could only play as the Knight, Wizard, and Thief.

Unlimited Mode allows you to play as any variation of the characters at the same time, for example two Knights and a Wizard (which actually sounds like a cool sitcom).

Source: YouTube


  1. I’m just playing through the original that i picked up mega cheap from the Humble Bundle pack. Looking forward to this.

    • Me too! Absolute bargain and a great game, looks gorgeous with all the bells and whistles on max.

  2. It just looks better and better. Something about the art style just makes me happy, all the time.

  3. Really enjoyed the first once, still need to plat it though. Looking forward to the online co-op in this one!

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