‘1st Purchaser’ Code Needed to Unlock Catwoman in Arkham City

It is being reported that the Catwoman missions in Batman: Arkham City, which apparently make up 10% of the game, are locked unless you enter a ‘1st Purchaser’ code, which is included with new copies of the game.

This code will also unlock Catwoman as a playable character in challenge mode


Second hand buyers will have to purchase a code. If you don’t have a code, Catwoman will still appear as part of the story, you’ll just not be able to play as her.

This echoes the sort of online pass issues we mentioned last night with regards to Mass Effect 3.

Update: this has been confirmed. The code will cost second hand buyers 800 MSP / £7.99.

Source: Eurogamer /ArkhamCity.co.uk



  1. I feel another Massive Poll coming on.

    • Do it – I’ll be all over it! :p

    • I can’t wait to see your massive poll. *awakard silence*

  2. If catwoman is 10% of the whole game, which will sell at 40 squids, then the pass should represent that and be 40 quid aswell. I don’t have a problem with the passes themselves just the price of them.

    • You mean 4 Pounds, right? 10% of 40 is 4… But good Point. Why pay 8 Pounds for 10% of a 40 Pounds product?

  3. Quite frankly, they’re taking the piss……..although if i’m honest, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.
    Give it a year & every game released will have a “pass” of some sort.

  4. The thing is that they’ll all be moaning that they have no high street impact once they kill off the second hand games market & take Game, Gamestation, Gamestop etc with it.

    Foolish & short sighted if you ask me.

  5. The answer is to only sell here. On the TSA forums. None of them get a penny. Only us!
    Ok time for a bit og honesty. I’ll borrow this off my mate. Then i’ll go onto his account and redownload the pass. They have lost a sale and I don’t miss out. They are now encouraging game sharing.

    • I didn’t think that would work as the pass would be linked to the account, wouldn’t it?
      If the code doesn’t work across multiple accounts, then i’ll be extemely annoyed as my mum won’t be able to play 10% of the game.
      Also, are there trophies linked to the Catwoman segments?

      • I would hope not, otherwise, this just becomes ‘pay to plat’.

        Disgusting behaviour if that is the case though.

  6. How come when you buy a second hand car you don’t have to fork out extra money to get 4 wheels rather than just 3?
    The pre-owned market is a great thing for older games, I would never have played Mirrors Edge or Dead Space if it wasn’t for it. And now I will pay for new copies of any future releases in these series.

    • There are people who buy cars with three wheels and then go out and buy that fourth wheel to drive around in it just like the original owner did. The car will be sold for a lower price than a car that has all four wheels. Batman AC with a used code will be sold for a lower price than the same copy with an unused code and the next owner will have to pay a price in order to get the same features out of the product that the first owner enjoyed.

      • Aye, but in those cases it’s not Ford etc who have removed and witheld one of the wheels from a perfectly good car.

  7. Probably goes without saying at this point, but…


  8. With online sales and other ways to potentially keep selling new copies of the game rather than leaving the consumer to resort to buying old ones, there really is no excuse for this. I will keep avoiding games with online passes, even if it means just buying games on Nintendo platforms or select, respectable publishers.

    Does Rayman Origins have an online pass btw?

  9. Ugh. I was fine with online passes, Gotta pay for the costs of using there servers, paying for general upkeep of the servers etc

    But this just crosses the line, why penalise the customer because they didn’t get any money? Im sure if you asked the customer they would be happy for the cash to go to the developer&Publisher.

    There beef here is with the retailer and so they should be working with them as they are the cause of the problem. publishers should be talking with them, finding a good alternative where both can benefit and coming to a solution that fits both parties.

    But no its much easier just to pass it on to the consumer, who’s only trying to support the devs and will probably buy their dlc and help them anyway.

    And this is coming from someone who always buys new anyway. Hope the whole industry doesn’t go this way…

  10. Doesn’t really affect me since i’m buying it new anyways but it does suck for the people who do buy it used maybe you could buy it new and support the developers and this is definitely a game to buy new but the final choice is yours now make it MAAAKEE IIIITTT :D

    • Trouble is that by going this way, i think that they will have made quite a few peoples minds up for them!

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