Saint’s Row: The Third Trailer Pokes Fun At MW3, BF3

If there’s one thing you should know about Saints Row by now, its that the series has never really taken itself that seriously, The Third being one of the most absurd take on the sandbox genre to date.

Now, we’re used to EA and the team at DICE taking a crack at the Call of Duty franchise, which in all honesty hasn’t really paid off for them, but now Volition are having a bit of fun.


Saints Row: The Third launches on November 18th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and OnLive.



  1. This is an awesome trailer, and it encapulates the fanwar between CoD and battlefield so well

  2. Video’s dead. Didn’t take long..!

  3. been removed from youtube before i could see it :'(

  4. That was an alright trailer. I’ve never ventured into the saints row world. I’m thinking I probably should have by now eh?
    Perhaps I’ll pick this up if I see it cheap a few months down the line, or more likely pick up the second one instead.

  5. Does look good, think I may have to pick up Saints Row 2 as is dirt cheap now,

  6. I personally think Saints Row could do with taking itself more seriously- it’s crap, and I don’t say that about many games.

    • You see, I’m with you there, people go on about it, but I look at screenshots and watch videos and think it just looks stupid. I know not all things need to take themselves super-seriously, but this is just a little over the top in my opinion with it’s ridiculousness.

    • I personally wouldn’t go as far as saying its crap, but I would like to see the series mature. It seems like all they’re doing is making Saints Row more outrageous. Instead of trying to improve the formula, they’re just turning it into one giant dick and fart joke. Groin shots, sex toys, and farting unicorns just dont make me feel like I NEED to play this game.

      • Oh yeah, because GTA IV was so much better than San Andreas and Vice City *roll eyes*

      • @ CoD- The quality of GTA has nothing to do with the direction the Saints Row franchise is heading. The only similarity is they’re both sandbox shooters. I suggest as you roll your eyes, you look for your brain.

      • “I suggest as you roll your eyes, you look for your brain”

        Nice ;)

    • because they’re showing the game can be fun i wouldn’t say they’re not taking it seriously.
      look at all the improvements over the previous entries in the series.
      it seems like they’re very serious about making the game better.

      those more serious games could learn a lesson from that instead of putting out identikit copies of whatever’s selling the most.

  7. im not really liking this futuristic setting they’ve gone for its more a crackdown clone now as opposed to the more fun filled cousin of GTA

  8. silly copyright

    • although now i’ve seen it that did make me chuckle

    • lol. mental note: remember this the next time the piracy debate appears on TSA.

  9. I think its amusing, bit silly though. I like it when things don’t take themselves too seriously, but this seems to be entirely a joke, which might get old fast..

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