Sony Dumps ‘Non Mandatory’ 3.73 PS3 Update

[drop2]Anyone looking to burn up a bit of time today doing nothing particularly constructive can download a ‘non mandatory’ firmware update for their PS3.  Your PS3 won’t prompt you to get this update, so you’ll need to check for it manually using the menus, a homing pigeon and a copy of the Daily Mail.

Once updated (which still takes far too long) the system software, now running at a spritely 3.73, does little above and beyond what the last update did – “stability during use of certain PS3 format software has been improved” is the official, rather nondescript company line.


Of course, while we’re hoping that this secretly means cross game chat, a revamped Store, Firefox browser and a brand new XMB chances are it’s just a couple of bug-fixes for existing games, with others suggesting that it fixes some issues with dual PSN sign-ins.

Go on, have a look.  If you can find anything lovely that our tired, biting sarcasm didn’t pick up, let us know and you might look all smug, like.  Somebody has to.



  1. I’ve just downloaded and installed the update in less than 5 minutes.How is that far too long?

    • Mine took a bit longer. But worth it. The cloud save prompt at the start of every game has been removed so you no longer have to skip it if its not activated.

      • It depends on your hard disk. If it’s more efficient, things will install faster. The Toshiba ones are particularly fast; some of the other ones aren’t half as great.

  2. Sorry, but what does “dual PSN sign-ins” mean?

    • It’s for games with a split-screen mode where both players are logged in using their PSN IDs. I don’t think that there’s many of them out at the moment.

      • LittleBigPlanet 1&2?

      • There are a few.. Not too many, Off the top of my head Sacred 2, Borderlands and there may be a couple of PSN games, Wish more games had it though.. It was in the old Uncharted 3 Beta, hoping it makes it back for the full game so my son and I can storm through the Multiplayer together.

      • It’s for Uncharted 3.
        Apparently there were issues with it for Resistance 3, and Christoph Balestra tweeted that the dual sign-in feature would come back to Uncharted 3 ‘in a couple of weeks’ back on October 1st.
        So, slightly late, but should be up and running soon.

      • EDF lets both PSN IDS sign in and any trophy’s got are for both accounts too.

    • that’s for when two players can play the same game with their accounts.
      like splitscreen while online.
      a couple of games support that but apparently it doesn’t work as well as it should.

  3. Soo bored of PS3 updates. How could Sony mess up on the RAM -_-

    • How DID Sony mess up on the RAM? Please tell me.

      • I’m sure you would be just as bored if it never got updated

      • They didn’t put enough in and the configuration is limited. IIRC 256mb for system, 256mb for graphics – the 360 has 512mb unified and the devs can choose where to use it. It’s normal to match the amount of RAM to processing power – Sony didn’t, the PS3’s CPU is supposedly twice that of the 360, but due to the lack of memory it can’t fully exploit it. Developers were even telling them this before the console even launched – but did Sony listen?

      • The RAM is 256mb… which I guess Awayze thinks is so messed up.

      • Yeah hopefully they don’t make the same mess, this gens been poor…compared to previous ones to me. imo

      • 256MB RAM is clearly not enough for a decent ingame XMB. In game XMB is slow and laggy especially on PS3 exclusives.
        No wonder Sony doesnt add anything useful to the ingame XMB, or a better browser etc the PS3 OS would just lag.

      • Also looking around, every company adds something useful to a new OS update eg Xbox 360, iOS, Android etc

        Sony have added nothing since the 2009 update. Year on year just pure lame updates that are pointless.

      • id like to know what you mean no updates. i personally think cloud storage was a pretty usfull update that was recent, along with the auto update features. all recent.

        but while we are on the subject of sony dropping the ball, why dont we balance the power a little and talk about microsofts failings a little. such as not avalible in game, why i cant post a tweet to twitter whilst in game is beyond me aswell.
        no console is perfect they both have strengths and weaknesses, i think from where the PS3 was at launch to where it is right now it is the console this generation that wins the most improved award. and more power to them.

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    What a thoroughly happy chap he is!

    • Award-winning sewing techniques.

    • Very well said :) But relevant?

  5. I love it when websites write needless articles about precisely nothing, especially when they are enraged by the nothingness needlessly. :)

    • See, you say that, but had you stumbled across the update by yourself & then wasted your time downloading it (for what seems to be no real point), you would be moaning that you hadn’t been warned about it!

      Swings & roundabouts…

      • Swings and Roundabouts, are you taking me to the park Forrest.

      • As you asked so nicely, yes – Grab your coat & if you are lucky, you might even get an ice-cream on the way back. :)

      • I don’t think it was an ice cream he was after!

      • Slowly slowly catchy monkey Tony – Ice cream first, other stuff later.

      • Any of those special sweets in your trouser pocket Mr .

      • That’s not sweets in my pocket…

    • I love it when readers write needless comments about what they perceive to be needless articles.

      • That was kinda my point.. Sarcasm is difficult without tone to guide :). I wouldnt get annoyed if i stumbled across an update.. If it was heavily advertised as feature rich then turned out to be just a compatibility patch for disney princess on ice kart ps one classic then maybe id be miffed

      • Fair enough – Sarcasm noted. :)

        There have just been a lot of comments recently along the lines of “what was the point in this article?”, which i just don’t get. I would rather know stuff than not know it & even if it seems obvious, it may not be to someone else.

        I generally find that a good rule of thumb is that if you aren’t interested in the article, don’t read it, but some people just seem to look for an excuse to moan (which i now realise you weren’t).

    • Eh?? The article is practically taking the piss, does not seem enraged to me. Now us posters (underneath the article), some of us sound enraged.

      • I read nofis article with a sense of irony, ie a pointless rant about a pointless update. I followed up with a pointless post about a pointless article about a pointless update because i though it was in keeping with the vibe of the peice :)

        And now i am pointlessly explaining myself. My god the universe is a frightening place, we’re all gonna die and nothing of what we do will amount to anything, so what’s the point? :)

      • That’s a little philosophical for a Tuesday lunchtime isn’t it?

      • Philosophy is pointless :)

  6. Yeah – I think i’ll just wait until the next mandatory one comes along to waste my time looking at a progress bar.

    Although wouldn’t it be nice just to have a surprise (such as one of the gems mentioned above) with one of these non-mandatory updates?

  7. What games offer dual PSN sign-ins? I can think of Little Big Planet, off the top of my head.

    • Uncharted 3

      • Does it do dual logins? That’s great – I’ve seen a lot of people with the same username and a (1) so knew they were split screen but wasn’t sure if people could log their own IDs in. Cool.

      • Uncharted 3 definitely does.

    • I think Motorstorm Apocalypse did as well?

      • I think you are a ‘guest’ on MS:A – As you mentioned above, you often get two people in the lobby with the same name, just with a (1) after one of the names.

    • LBP

  8. I’m going to download this and see if it helps out with the stability of FIFA. It’s crashed a couple of times on me.

    • Really?…does it still do that on PS3..hated that?, thats sad thats why I got the newest Fifa on the PC anyway far more stable and much faster….

  9. while I’m not playing anything inparticular, I might as well go for it. Getting bored it though now.

  10. How dare SONY improve the PS3! ! ! :D

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