Firmware 4.30 Released, And It’s Not All Good

If it wasn’t bad enough that the latest PlayStation 3 firmware culls Life With PlayStation, it introduces a couple of things that people might not get on with at all, including a fairly major change to the way Trophies are displayed, especially if you don’t have a Vita.


It seems, from the briefest of tests, that Trophies are now kept online, rather than on the hard drive – much like they are on the PS Vita. This means that when you choose to view your silverware be prepared for a fairly substantial wait – and on the first run you can’t back out of it until it’s done.

If you choose to switch to ‘offline’ mode (press Triangle to change) you won’t be able to see your Vita Trophies, which was really the whole point of the update, although it will be a bit quicker.

Naturally, once it’s fully synced it’s a bit quicker and the ability to see your Vita Trophies is clearly a bonus for those of us with both consoles, but it’s also clear that the implementation between the two sets is very different, requiring something of a fudge to get them displaying together.

Remember that Trophies have moved now, they’re under the PSN column.

Secondly, that SingStar icon we mentioned yesterday? It’s baked into the Firmware, meaning it can’t be moved or deleted – it’s always there. I’d have hoped this was a downloadable application and be invisible without the user’s action, but that’s not the case. Sadly, although it’s hardly a massive deal, that XMB is started to feel like there’s a lot of unused chaff in amongst the rows and columns.

Most frustrating, though, is that the issue with Vita-playing friends on your PS3’s XMB hasn’t been addressed. Surely the two systems use the same network – why can’t we see what they’re playing from the Friends list?



  1. THAT singstar Icon… TAKE IT AWAY NOW.

    • This. One thousand times this.

    • I would mind the icon as long as I could put it in my “PS3 Games” folder but there is not option to do that.

      They could have at least moved it above the blu ray disc icon so my blu ray disc game and other folders were next to each other.

    • I don’t seem to have it…awesome!

      • Yeah, it’s kinda weird when you don’t have it, as a little voice inside wonders what all the fuss is about – But then a slightly bigger voice (‘reason’ I guess) tells you that so many people can’t be complaining about nothing.

        Then a strange feeling sets in that tells you that you don’t have what someone else does – Although on this one occasion, I can’t say I feel ripped off! :)

        It wouldn’t have bothered me too much either way (whether it was there or not) as it was something that would be entirely ignored, but it does only seem to be a select few that didn’t get it as part of the update.

        The ‘elite’ maybe? :P

  2. Glad I read this before I looked at the new trophy list. Hopefully it’ll sync itself tonight as part of the PS+ overnight process.

  3. Oh dear, looks like a whole heap of fail. Why is Singstar forced? Get that crap off the XMB please.

  4. Can’t stand these changes. The trophy system I can live with, they don’t mean that much to me.

    However, I am getting tired of Sonys bloatware being added, with no choice for the end user, to the XMB. Adding Singstar for everyone is nothing more than an attempt to drive sales for a failing game by tempting people who would not normally purchase the title. In this respect, the app should have been added as a free store download only.

    I would have thought too, that given the now combined nature of the PSN Store, Sony may have seen fit to remove the extraneous Store Icons from the other sections of the XMB, but no.

    • When the next gen arrives and Sony is scratching its collective head at poorer than expected sales figures, it needs look no further than it’s handling of the current generation. In particular SCEE and PSN.

      • I couldn’t agree more.

        But I’ll probably still buy into the next gen.

  5. Really disapointed that singstar is on my xmb as i cannot stand it wouldnt be so bad i could put it in a folder like all my other downloaded content

  6. Singstar, this might get my spouse into gaming and do something else then just use the ps3 for watching films.

  7. P+ has stopped syncing my trophies(box ticked) & was already slow via xmb.
    First the store butchered imo, for the sake of being arty or making you glance over products, you wouldn’t normally view(navigation n/mare) & now this(i don’t own a vita.)

    • I suspect you need to do the first trophy synch yourself (as it’s mentioned in the article that the first time is unskippable, so it probably has to be done manually) & then PS+ will probably pick it back up from then on.

      Speculation of course (i am not a plusser, nor a Vita owner), but that would make sense to me.

  8. No “substantial wait” for either me or my wife when we looked at trophies after doing the firmware update this morning. Seems pretty zippy – and I have Vita trophies, while she doesn’t. So far so good, for me at least!

    • That’s good to know – Possibly depends on the individual console or net connection then?

      • Probably, yeah. Maybe I was just lucky and did the sync at a better time :)

        I didn’t have any trophies pending to sync – I suppose that could make a difference too.

      • I set my PS3 to shut down after update, when I turned it on and went to trophies there was no wait at all, they were all (PS3 & Vita) ready to view.

  9. Not sure why everyone is shocked about Singstar apearing on the XMB, we knew about this a few days ago.

    • Did we know it couldn’t be removed? Or moved into a folder? No.

      • They said it was going on the XMB. TSA reported t was going on the XMB in the news y’day.

        You can’t remove things from the XMB, you can’t remove Netflix, you can’t remove the store, you cannot move Lovefilm in to a folder, why should you be able to remove Singstar from the XMB? Why would that be any different?

        Hence my suprise at your suprise at the not at all suprising news that Singstar is on the XMB and can’t be removed.

      • None of the above are in the ‘games’ column.

      • Well, Singstar IS a game, so it makes sense for it to be in that section ;)

    • Not shocked. Didn’t like it a few days ago, don’t like it now. That and it’s a really fugly icon.

    • I’ve just downloaded 4.30, singstar is not on my xmb, not under game, not anywhere. I have a theory as to why.

      • It wasn’t on mine after installing update the first time I looked through under game, but after checking through all the XMB went back to game and there it was, damn!

      • That happened to me too. Thought I had escaped the icon but did the same as cam and it reared it’s ugly head.

  10. About the new Trophy system storage, do I understand correctly, that they are now stored online and sync to your PS3 (rather than the original reverse way)?

    What happens if/when the PSN is down? Can you still earn trophies? Will it default to the old way of storing them?

    • No. It compares both and synchronises them exactly the same way it used to. The difference that I can see is that the sync when in online mode happens on the fly rather than the old method of performing the sync then viewing the offline cached version. The new method makes far more sense to me.

      • Oh, so no more waiting for trophies to sync? Slightly less baffled by the change now :)

      • No they still have to sync in online mode. However in offline mode you can manually sync or (I am assuming) allow plus to sync for you. Which means no more waiting for it to sync when you just want to view your trophies.

      • If you just wanted to view your trophies before, you just cancelled out of the synching process – Any trophies you earned were visible to you, but were just not synched.

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