Sony To Issue (Optional) 4.31 Firmware Update Tonight

It was, of course, a ridiculous headline, but the point was there and I still reckon it’s absolutely true – that silly SingStar icon, if it’s staying, should be moveable.

And now, like the clock / battery issue that became a running (and still humourous) meme every time Sony uttered the words “new firmware”, we’ll all be chanting for the option to hide/delete/burn that family-friendly in-road until we get the ability.


This time, though, it’s not happening.

Sadly, tonight’s optional update, which will take the PS3 to firmware 4.31, is purely for issues relating to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, an esoteric an update as there’s ever been.

Apparently it doesn’t even fix the fact that the PS3’s security is under threat. At least, if it did, it wouldn’t be optional.

“This is not a mandatory update,” says a Sony rep, via NeoGAF. “However, we suggest you keep your systems updated with the latest firmware, as these updates further improve overall system stability and help provide you with the best online entertainment experience possible.”



  1. Moving the trophy icon back is my main request. The move is unnecessary, irritating and just takes longer to get to.

    • I’d imagine the Trophy icon is staying put. It’s not ideal, but you can see why it was moved.

      • At the risk of looking like a 100% moron rather than the 35% I hover around, why was it?

      • to make room for the singstar icon? ^_^

      • No idea. Still totally ridiculous.

  2. Re:The Singstar Icon:Looks like Sony has drawn a line in the (proverbial) sand there, then stuck it’s corporate head way deep into said sand, line and all and is’nt going to budge come hell or high water.

    Re:The security issues though, was under impression this was something that could’nt be fixed via a firmware update? (The technoside is way above my pay grade, but thought it relates to way PS3 games ‘connect’ to PSN?) and so Sony pretty much going to have to put it down to…It’s done well to last this long, best focus even more on potential flaws in PS4 security.

    As a rule of thumb, i never update firmware until good few days have passed (nor do i take off my tin foil hat, it’s a nice hat, snug, warm….) as they’ve often ended up needing a future firmware update to fix issues caused by…the firmware update.

    • I updated my PS3 a few days ago and I still don’t have the Singstar Icon in my games list. I can imagine it’d be annoying if it was there at the top and getting in the way, but, as it’s not there, so I can’t really complain.

      • Lucky you, now make it the same for everyone else Sony.

      • Me neither. I guess it only affected douchebags, considering how people have been acting over a simple icon. Even if it did showup on my XMB when I turned it on, I wouldn’t care. I have more important things to worry about, like for example, LIFE.

      • I guess I must be a douchebag then, considering I got the icon. Sound logic.

      • I still have LIFE and Singstar icon as well. Does that make me a douche? Do they cancel each other out? Maybe I’m neutral…

      • @ARIES5I
        It’s good that you didn’t have it. I didn’t either & likewise, it wouldn’t have bothered me if it did.

        Still, no need to be throwing insults around for those that do have it & it has clearly annoyed. The point they make is a valid one & there was really no need for Sony to make it so that the icon could not be deleted/moved.

        I can tell you now that people here a 10x less whingy/insulting about it than those on the blog.

      • So 99% of all TSA PS3 owners are douchbags? As they have the icon. :( I wouldn’t reccomend joining a site then calling everyone douchebags as that makes you look unpleasent and i’m sure that is not the case. :)

        I couldn’t care less about the icon apart from that it stands out like a sore thumb. It only takes an extra second to navigate and if you think losing 1 second is the worst thing to happen since the PS3 hack, then get over yourself. Although i do hope that they won’t start dumping shovelware onto the XMB as i don’t fancy spending minutes trying to start a game due to there being a lot of icons that could take a minute to load thus delaying it.

      • “I guess it only affected douchebags, considering how people have been acting over a simple icon”.

        Wow! Is that necessary?

      • No Singstar icon for me either , actually a bit disappointed.

  3. Just because you’re not used to the Trophy Icon being somewhere else doesn’t mean you can’t get used to it. I was used to it right away and not once messed up by looking for it in the games section. I actually prefer the new location because its easier and faster to find. In my games section I have so many games that I have to scroll through to get to the trophy icon, and having it under NETWORK, where there is hardly any icons, makes it more convenient. It kind of makes sense to have it with the network so you can login if you want to sync it. Really, though, its not a big deal people. Find something worthy of complaining like oxygen or water. I mean really, who wants oxygen, its always filling up my lungs and stuff. And water? I mean it quenches my thirst and I hate that!

    • Have you tried alcohol? Far nicer than water.

      • But don’t drink anything Mike gives you! JUST DON’T!

    • Ditto

  4. Aww, I was hoping I could finally delete SingStar now. Yes, it’s just another icon, as people always like to point out, just like every spam mail is just another email. One that you can’t delete or move, of course. Still I prefer to switch the spam-filter on and have only the relevant emails in my inbox, and equally only the games I want to play on my XMB. I’m surprised that’s so hard to understand for some people. Now hurry up with that delete option, Sony :)

  5. that icon has not bothered me one bit any more hated it at first used to it now, same with the trophies icon now go to the right place every time.

  6. Forget the Singstar icon, that bloody Trophy Icon is annoy me more.

    Sony, sort it out.

  7. The singstar icon does not bother me because I am an avid Singstar player. Singer even? :)
    It will be even better now in case I forget to bring with me the game disc.

    I do not get the gripe behind this issue. It is like people do not have anything better to do than moan about the silly icons on a menu…

    • 2 reasons really,

      It’s like having an advert in your face every time you log in.
      People like their desktop clutter free.

      You may play Singstar, but imagine if it was a Call of Duty icon. Imagine if there was an icon on your Windows or Apple desktop that you couldn’t get rid of?

      If the icon appeared above the blu-ray game icon, there wouldn’t as much of a problem, but it adds an extra level between you and your downloaded games, which is an annoyance.


    The singstar icon is bit ugly but i usually scroll down very quickly if i want to play a game that is installed on my harddrive. Plus it’s only an extra second that you will be spending. So in my opinion, everyone was overracting to it however, it does beg the question will Sony be dumping shovelware onto the XMB? If they are, i can see the XMB being a mess and taking minutes to navigate. I won’t be getting the update as i have no reason to as it adds sod all and seems to only fix one game. Also cross game chat motherfeckers!

    • I think why most people are annoyed at the icon is because it’s forced advertisement not because it’s going to take one second longer to get to your game, (well for some people maybe if your to believe some of the comments on the official blog), i for one don’t like the way Sony shoe-horned it in to try and intice me buying into a failing franchise. SingStar not exactly lighting the charts on fire. This is Sony’s way of pushing the PS3 further into the casual market and disregarding the hardcore gamers that have made the PS3 a success, especially with the new casual friendly PS3 slim thats out/coming out.

  9. The trophy icon is in a much better position and Singstar icon well i didnt care when it was mentioned and still don’t in fact did you know that if you own 10 or more Singstar songs you can earn some extra trophies.

  10. Compared to the state of the Xbox 360 screen having a singstar icon is small change.

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