Slapstick Comedy Galore In Soul Calibur V Dampierre Reveal Trailer

Soul Calibur’s resident joke character Dampierre has been revealed in newly released trailer.

Dampierre made his debut in Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for PSP meaning that this announcement signifies the first time he’ll be crossing the threshold into the main Soul Calibur series.

Unlike our Assassin friend Ezio, who was announced earlier today, Dampierre will only be available as a pre-order bonus on release.

Have Dampierre’s wacky antics sold you on a Soul Calibur V pre-order?

Source: Youtube


  1. Oh, those Japanese. So silly.

  2. You know, he’s gonna be my fave character…(bloody pre-order shite though) ;-(

  3. getting him might put me off preordering. ^_^

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