Surprise! New Medal of Honor Hinted

This news is hardly going to shake the world of videogaming to its core. EA has been slipping little cards into the box with new copies of Battlefield 3 which have the almost ubiquitous online pass code printed on one side and a (not so) cryptic image on the other.

It looks very much like a teaser for a new Medal of Honor game. It’s not even remotely a surprise with the expectation being that EA will put Battlefield up against Infinity Ward years of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor will release in competition with Treyarch’s Call of Duty offerings on what used to be odd years.

I personally really enjoyed Medal of Honor, although I could see a few flaws and avoided the multiplayer mode. What did you guys think? Ready for another go around with it?

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  1. hopefully they will be using the Battlefield Engine for this one

  2. I enjoyed Medal of Honor. I though the mulitplayer was pretty decent, it had that DICE fell all over it as you would expect but only on a much smaller scale. Kind of a hybrid of CoD and BF…CoD maps and tactics with BF gameplay and visulas
    Single Player was good too, in fact i may well just fish the game out tonight for a few games and see how rusty I’ve become

  3. i’ve not played the last one, but the book was enjoyable.

  4. oh god no multiplayer was awful camping and spawning into killstreaks hated it fps games not to stop killing this industry

    • It’s always nice when people take the time to comment in English when it’s apparent that English is not their first language.

      • Haha!
        Now, don’t be mean. :P
        I quite liked the multiplayer, I didn’t find too much camping, as all the hiding spots were easily accessible, the campers usually get flushed out quick enough.

      • That made me laugh a lot.. :)

      • *applauds* hahaha! Nice one, Amphlett.

      • Brilliant. Brought a smiled to my seriously numbed face.

  5. I can’t understand how you worked out this cryptic teaser so quickly. Never picked up MOH, just wasn’t that interested.

    • The logos that were plastered all through MoH looked extremely similar to that one. Intact that one may of even featured in the game.

  6. Think all DICE need to do is make a third IP using the Frostbite 2 engine. Make a game along the lines of Rainbow Six or a 3rd person type game (SOCOM 2) with the destructibility of Battlefield 3 then you can rotate the games and have a nice 3 year window for development on each IP.

  7. Let Danger Close take the reigns of both SP and MP and make that campaign last longer and we should have an excellent game to look forward to

    • I thought the campaign was about the perfect length, I don’t like long, drawn out fps games, play through on easy for fun, run through on hard for trophies, third trophy clean up run through, that’d be too much if the game was more than 6 or 7 hours.

      • quite similar to me but I go through on hard first or hardened on COD (glitched trophy on blops btw) and then an easy playthrough after to mop up the trophies.

  8. I enjoyed MOH too. The campaign was great while it lasted as it was a bit short in my opinion. Danger Close did a good job with the content though. Was only playing this yesterday in tier 1 mode (beat par time) it felt gritty and was really fun to play.

  9. I think EA have adopted a new plan. A new BF game every other year, a new MOD game every other year and a giant bald space marine every other year.

    They need to return MOD to it’s roots. The last MOD i enjoyed was rising sun on the PS2. They should try to avoid it becoming a copy of BF or COD.

    • *MOH, i haven’t had any coffee yet and i’m sticking to that excuse for the typo or the monday excuse.

      • your thinking of the Ministry of Defence. MOH came with Frontline which was so outdated but it was so fun to play through again. I think they should have one last attempt in making the best WW2 game to date.

      • Yeah, thr old complaint of WW2 games being overdone?
        Can at we bring them back to the big franchises?
        Be nice to get a bit of variety.
        Or how about a war of independence game?
        Ireland vs. Britain?
        US vs. Britain?

      • It’s ironic that we used to complain about the influx of WW2 FPSes and now we want some of them back.

        I personally think they should do a MOH set in the future. They would have virtually unlimited possibitles and could be very creative if they decide to let the player control a vehicle. :)

      • Very funny indeed I think. However, MOH left it open for a sequel. So I will be looking forward to MOH style Modern War again. It would need to be something different in WW2 that we haven’t seen before. A revisit of Pearl harbour or the beaches of Normandy. Ironically what MOH was famous for on the PS2.

  10. Not touching this at all. Made that mistake last time.

    • That’s what she said.

      *giggles like a schoolgirl*

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