FIFA 12 on PSVita Looks Amazing

Apologies if you’ve already seen this. I got these screens yesterday but due to technology basically having a vendetta against me, I couldn’t get them uploaded. I spent all day yesterday hopping from one foot to the other wanting to tell everyone how amazing they look. I’d have put a video on YouTube but, you know, the whole “technological vendetta” thing got in the way of that too…

Enough waffling, here’s some screens of FIFA 12 on a PlayStation Vita. Unbelievable, right?



  1. That is pretty amazing for a handheld!

  2. Damn…

    PS Vita interest initiated!

  3. Such coldness. Such lifeless eyes. Such dispassionate faces! Such dogged focus on the ball!

    I kid, of course. Those graphics look fantastic. One day, though, players will have fully realised facial expressions. It’ll be about 3 or 4 generations before they can look places other than where the ball is, though. ;)

    • I did wonder why several of the players aren’t actually watching the action?!

      • I dunno, maybe it’s a special feature included to accurately simulate the English national squad :)

    • ..and thats why PES is bett…*Aaaaaggggh*

  4. Very impressive indeed, Vita’s gonna be too expensive an investment for me initially, though a Monster Hunter game announcement would see me swiftly offing relatives and mugging grannies.

  5. Damn this looks sooo good!!! With 2 sticks this will be the ultimate handheld football game!!

    • Yeah hopefully it isn’t half-arsed like the PSP games, so I wonder what will get the cut…

  6. beyond expectations.

  7. Higher res than the Vita itself? Presumably target shots.

    • Good point. The originals were massively uprezzed (is that a word? It doesn’t look right) too. Although, they were posted as screenshots.

      • Sure. But FIFA Vita won’t look as good as that. If it does, I’ll buy it. And I hate footy games.

    • Don’t forget that PSVITA has a much smaller screen AND we have seen Virtua Tennis 4 so I really think PSV is compatible to this.

  8. Take my money???

  9. Very realistic – I can see John Terry shouting foul mouthed abuse at the opposition.

  10. I’ll wait for the Euro 12 game.
    There’ll only be a one month wait for that after the Vita launches at the end of Febuary.

    • That’s a pretty good shout. Make it like WC2010 and I am in in in!

    • Wouldn’t be worth playing after the tournament is over though? oO, meh I’d rather seen those as packs now to download if thats possible I just prefer to have more content seeing how I hardly play online.

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