PSA: PSN Maintenance On Thursday

At the risk of being called a Microsoft shill again, here’s some news about the PlayStation Network having another outage for maintenance.

They’ve just tweeted that the service will be down between the hours of 02:00 and 08:00 UK time on Thursday (that’s after midnight tonight).


Apparently PlayStation Network services will be intermittent for some users. Some would joke that the PSN is constantly intermittent but not me. No, I’m not nearly amusing enough to try to make a well-meaning, lighthearted joke out of a subject that so many people get so worked up about.

So, there you go. Nice that this bout of maintenance is in the middle of the night, so less inconvenient than their usual scheduled outages. It will be even nicer if these mysterious maintenance periods do something noticeable to the service. I mean, all the extra security and server tweaking is probably invaluable but I’d like it if they even just changed the font every now and then. Just to mix things up. Keep us on our toes.

Not that it will matter to me, my entire network is having a sulk for the past two weeks. Oooh, I wonder if Sony will nip round and do some maintenance for me?!



  1. Glad its early hours. Won’t affect any BF3 play time for me.
    Now CB, all you need to do now is report this maintenance 3 or 4 more times ;) to get the desired result ;)

  2. Microsoft shill…. :-)

  3. At least it’s a little later (or earlier, whichever way you want to look at it) in the day this time.

  4. *Sees title*
    Aw godnabit I want to play Battlefield online but nooo stupid bloody effing maintenance arghhhh….

    *Reads Peter’s News*
    Oh er… ha then that is cool I can still play Battlefield heh

    Still was suprised to see 02:00 – 08:00 though it was always in afternoon at 4pm onwards….

    You should try contacting Sony to help your net ;)
    Worth a shot Peter

  5. This should make the americans pissed off :D

    • As the tweet was from ‘@PlayStationEU’ it may just be Europe.

  6. Nice to see that for once, it won’t affect us!

  7. well i for one am bitterly dissapointed with you lot not one person has carried on the traddition of mentioning cross game chat……….

    • XGC is most likely! It had to be done…

    • I think we may all be finally over that idea, then again wait for the next Firmware update.

    • Yeah, this is a maintenance, not a firmware update. Sony just need to release a memory expansion pak like the N64 had and XGC is a reality.

    • I was disappointed to not see that too :(

  8. Shill.

  9. So you’ve “apparently” been having network issues for the past 2 weeks but still manage to get online to post this PS3 bashing article?

    OMFG microsoft shill stealth troll!!1one!1!

    • Lol surprisingly I remember comments like that on other gaming sites :P

  10. That is all this site & other sites should say i.e –

    ‘PSN Maintenance On Thursday'(at whatever time to of course)

    Not moan about it every time. Same with game updates & PS3 updates. It happens, if people don’t like it sell their PS3’s & get a perfect’it never goes wrong’xBox 360 or Wii lol

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