Three More PS2 Games Heading to US PSN

Three new games have been announced for the PS2 section of the US PSN:

Harvest Moon: “Save the Homeland – Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland takes the popular series in a whole new direction, offering a deeper and more robust role-playing experience. It might be best described as a ‘Life Simulation’.”


Raiden III: “Raiden III for PlayStation 2 is a port of the classic arcade shooter, complete with a stage select mode that lets you replay stages once you’ve cleared them. The series has transitioned from its 2D roots to 3D, creating lush environments, devastating explosions and countless enemies, without a drop in frame-rate. Two players can play together to push back the invading forces, just like in the arcade!”

Bloodrayne: “As the vampiric agent BloodRayne, you’ll travel through the eerie swamps of Louisiana, to Argentina and Germany in this battle-heavy, third-person thriller. The game features non-linear gameplay in more than 40 levels and three massive worlds, the ability to suck blood for health, and to use slow-motion, zoom and aura visions to aid in death dealing. Pull off fantastic acrobatic moves to bend the environment to your will and dispatch enemies with BloodRayne’s blades and kicks for awesome in-your-face combat.”

Source: CVG



  1. Just add the Emotion Engine to PS3’s again. Instead of having had a price drop for the 320GB Slim, Sony should have kept the same price and just added in the EE or Graphic Synthesizer. So the 160GB PS3 would have been cheaper and entry model.

    Every PS3 firmware has PS2 compatibility but without the EE or GS, you can’t do anything to play PS2 games.

  2. I enjoyed Harvest Moon an awful lot on the gamecube way back.

    Bloodrayne was maybe joint worst gaem ive played along side XXFighter or something and some Blood omen vampire game. (Might have that name wrong)

    Raiden ive never played… But to buy these games you would be a fool anyway… PS2 = £20… Games = £2-£3 each? And thats a console and all physical media.

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