F1 2011 Coming To 3DS This Month

We rated the console version of F1 2011 a solid 8/10 – it wasn’t as impressive as last year’s outing, but it’s still a great racer.

This month, however, sees the 3DS version released – the first footage of which is below.



The 3DS version is being handled by racing stalwarts Sumo Digital, and will be fully licensed with all the official teams, drivers and circuits.

There’s also a new ‘Challenge mode’ which the PR blurb says is “perfect for portable racing”, with a wide range of objectives including checkpoint, gate and overtaking challenges.

Multiplayer also features, with four player GP races, head-to-head time trials and a two player co-op career, just like its big brothers.



  1. The psv version looked like crap and looks like this does aswell.

    • Agreed, not the best looking 3DS game I’ve seen.

    • should be at Gran Tursimo standards anyway with a bit more polish

  2. Look okay-ish for a 3DS game but I agree with the first comment that the PSVita version looked pants.

  3. Honestly…. ifs its anything like F1 2009s awful handling then no, just no…

  4. I’m optimistic for this – waiting for a good 3ds racing game that isn’t mario kart

  5. I think i’ll pass.

  6. Well, Sumo Digital are pretty experienced and capable. I was about to say that this would probably be a disaster, but hearing that they’re responsible puts down anything I have to say. Awesome :D

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