GTA V Trailer Goes Live – What Can You Spot?

So the big trailer has finally landed. Rockstar has always known how to make a good teaser and this one for GTAV is no exception. It gives away little snippets, sets the mood and is packed with nice little nods to things from past GTA titles.

So, we’ve noticed a couple of things, like the jetski being a “Speedophile 2000”, that are pure GTA but we want to know what you’ve spotted? Any funny little sight gags flick past that you want to point out? Was that Tommy Vercetti with a new voice (did Ray Liotta turn down a role reprisal?)


We also noticed several recurring themes – aeroplanes, exercise, homeless people – and a nice mix of enthnicities which could hint at some of the gangs we’ll see. We also thought we spotted a homeless guy begging who looks suspiciously like Niko Bellic from GTAIV and is that CJ running from the cops at the end?

Here’s the video again, for your convenience.

Tell us what you spotted in the comments below!



  1. – Doggy
    – Guy with a sign: “Need money for Beer, Porno, Hooker! (At least I’m not bullshitting you)”

  2. Right at the start there’s a man and a woman walking a dog – maybe animals will be in it ala Red Dead?


  4. planes, jetskis, helicopters, golf carts, big f**kin mountain. bums, hoes, homeless nico, recession. gangstas!…..

  5. I can see me losing several hours climbing the mountains, only to jump off on a Sanchez. Win.

  6. Wow!

  7. Above the windfarm is a plane that lands on water. So islands may be involved.

  8. It says “San Andreas” on the number plates. More than one city?

    • Vinewood is a city inside San Andreas.

    • That’s what I’m leaning towards. Some of those places looked too much like Vice City to be coincidental..

  9. The voiceover is Ray Liotta, I’m pretty sure, and he played Tommy the main character in Vice City.

    • The older guy looks like it could be Tommy Vercetti

    • could be Vercetti, but that doesn’t sound like Ray Liotta to me.

  10. it looks yummy.

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