‘Michael’ The Most Shared Ad In The UK

The rather fabulous ‘Michael’ advert which featured a host of PlayStation characters was the most shared advert in the UK last month.

Created by Los Angeles agency Deutsch as part of the Sony’s Long Live Play campaign the advert was shared almost half a million times, easily beating the introductory advert for Siri into second place.


The advert now has close to ten million hits on YouTube but will not be seen on UK television channels, instead PlayStation and DanceStar Party have sponsored The Only Way Is Essex.


Source: Internet Advertising Bureau


  1. Best advert I’ve seen for Sony. Must have watched it a dozen times already, one more time can’t hurt.

    • You’ll probably still see something you never spotted before…

  2. First time I’ve seen it, one of Sony’s better ads.

  3. Awesome, never seen that before.

  4. great ad hope they do some more like this.

  5. Well I have never seen it before, maybe I need to stay in more and live my life through Youtube.

  6. Watched it one more time and it was as entertaining as the first time.Can’t get enough of it.Great ad.TO MICHEAL

  7. I shared it as it was released on my birthday and obviously my name is Michael, though unlike what some of my mates say the pic looks nowt like me

  8. Such an awesoe advert. After watching I was like, “inFamous movie. Now.”

  9. It was a great ad, not surprised it’ so popular. I do think Kratos looks hilarious though..

    • Should have had more work done on him

      • Rico looks a bit on the weedy side too.

  10. Yeah, it’s a great ad.

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