Mysterious Sony Video Emerges

“Shhh…I’ve got a little something special for you” tweets Kevin Butler as he posts the link to the video below. Entitled ‘Long Live Play’, it shows two soldiers parachuting into a forest and then stopping by a tavern, hosted by a buxom lady with a penchant for sparkly things stolen from LittleBigPlanet.

Someone in the comments box on YouTube has suggested this is a trailer for Twisted Metal as Sweet Tooth’s Ice cream van is visible at the 23 second mark, but that doesn’t explain the military theme, the rack of guns  (allegedly from Final Fantasy and Ratchet & Clank) or the MK II from Metal Gear Solid that whizzes off screen.

Long Live Play is the name of a campaign started at the end of last month by Sony America, so the video could refer to that rather than a specific game. It’s certainly weird enough to be a Sony advert.

Source: YouTube




  1. What about the date?

  2. Saw this earlier, what ever it is its gonna be awesome!

  3. Seems to be another Play preorder scheme?

  4. I think it could be the new Playstation Home?

    • You could have a point as there would be some FPS action in HOME in the future…

    • Think it’s probably that.

      • No on the 23 second mark that is definitely sweet tooth’s ice cream van

        very weird though

    • Mmm, exactly what I was thinking :3

  5. Looks a bit like a Stella advert, but then, I’m watching without sound and am thinking of beer. Lovely beer.

    • Stella? I thought it was very Carling.

  6. Yet no sci-fi bows or swords…. I give a 1/10

    It doesn’t help that WW2.. is so dull in a FPS view, I wonder if its just a mash up of franchises. The Soldiers could be of Resistance obvisly nothing else unless they reveal Socom: World War BAAAHAH!! rabbit invasion..

  7. US dates make it seem like their marketing department is run by a bunch of time travelling neutrinos.

  8. Ah just noticed the text above the door is latin for Live Long Play

  9. Watch it from 0:51 seconds, I see a certain God of War hero fading into view.

    • wow, well spotted!

      • Hmm, can’t see it, but interesting if true.

    • Couldn’t work out who it was at first, but yeh, the scar gives it away.

  10. Something tells me the next video will be Kevin Butler standing in a room surrounded by people from all walks of life, brought together by the power of play…..etc etc etc.

    The date probably only refers to the next video in the series as part of the ‘Long Live Play’ campaign linked to in the post.

    I’d love to be wrong though and for this be an announcement of sorts :)

    • You could be right. Since Sony didn’t hang this trailer on the big bell I guess it’s not a groundbreaking reveal that’s waiting for us. I just hope it’s more than just another commercial or something Home related. I’d say there will be a big montage on the advertised date…

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