PSN Maintenance Scheduled for this Thursday

It has been announced via the PlayStation forums that there will be scheduled PSN maintenance taking place this Thursday 3rd November from 16.00 until 21.00 GMT.

You all know the drill:


The following services will be affected between 16.00 and 18.00.

  • Signing into PSN
  • PlayStation Store
  • Account management
  • PS Sign In (via Sony Entertainment Network)

If you are signed in during this period, you may find you are signed out of your online session temporarily.  During the down time users attempting to sign in will be presented with the site maintenance notification page.

Please note: there may be additional down time after the maintenance period for testing purposes.

Source: OPC



  1. Great, the PSN doesn’t get much maintenance. I’m glad the haven’t forgotten! :S

    • I like this comment, it amused me, well done.

  2. Wonder what they are maintaining this time? Please guys don’t say cross game chat – It ain’t happening :)

  3. seriously though, what can all the maintenance be for? Surely we don’t break i that often?! What have they changed that now makes it almost a requirement to be doing work on it once a fortnight??

    • Suppose they have to keep changing things up to keep the hackers out.

    • Possibly could be getting ready for Vita, the fact its regular definitely means there up to something!

      • Surely being up to somehting would mean proper downtime, followed by a few maintenances to fix things up?

        Regardless, at least its not an extended period of time and they are all just short sessions

      • maybe they would rather no more downtime after the hack, so are doing the update in small manageable chunks, so people don’t get annoyed?

  4. There’s a typo in the headline, this Thursday should be every Thursday.

  5. That’ll give everyone a chance to try the single player on BF3 then.

  6. getting things ready for Vita maybe Japan launch soon.

    UC3 SP will entertain me fine.

    • Isn’t it something like 17th December?!

      • that is right tony not long really.

  7. No problem for me . Won’t be even playing PS3 then :P I do wonder why in the last month there has been regular maintenance.

  8. Is the PS+ auto-download still broken….can’t remember when I last had a notification when starting up that a patch had been downloaded?

    • there is a non mandatory update that fixes that I think try updating your PS3 on manual.

      • Thanks for the response, but I did that a couple of weeks ago.

        Maybe there haven’t been any patches. I did have a trophy sync notification, but not sure if they come under the same thing – I mean, can one work but the other doesn’t?

      • it should come under the same thing.

      • Thanks – then in that case maybe just had no patches. Cheers mate

      • I don’t use it any more, it didn’t work for me in the first place.

    • The Auto-download was fixed a while ago.

  9. Dammit, why Thursday?? Why not this evening when i am spending time with the missus instead of playing?? Are they not cheking my calendar before they arrange these things??

  10. Nice of them to pick a time that will affect the least amount of people…..not.

    • of course, they are so considerate………not

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