FIFA 12 Looks Good On Xperia Play

FIFA 12 is coming to Android, on the Xperia Play. It’s likely to be a good fit for the phone with game buttons, especially now they’re promising better animations and control schemes.

There’s a short launch video to highlight the improvements and it’s looking pretty good, considering the limited nature of the hardware it’s running on.



  1. Sweet! Hopefully won’t be too pricey. FIFA 10 sucks on the PLAY so I’m hoping for better things.

  2. “AWESOME ANIMATION” … Man runs into a goal post.

  3. Looks really good. Wonder how it’ll look on Vita!

    • I think they released a Vita trailer ans shots last month.

  4. Sorry, did you say good?? Looks terrible to me.

  5. Looks good? Think the wrong video has been uploaded, surely that’s Game Gear footage? Do not understand handheld gaming at all. Or gaming on phones. Or gaming on Facebook. Bah humbug.

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