Joe Danger Bringing Improvements On XBLA

Hello Games has announced that their stunt man protagonist will be making his XBLA debut at some point. There’s no solid timing for this but Microsoft Studios are publishing and the XBLA version is going to get a load of extra content over and above what the previously exclusive PSN version has.

There are to be new game modes, characters and environments in what Sean Murray, Hello Games MD, is calling “a much more joyous game”.


This is a strange move, given Microsoft’s well publicised dislike for publishing games that have appeared on other platforms. Joe Danger was held in very high regard when it was released last year so perhaps Microsoft’s rigid publishing rules aren’t so rigid after all. Perhaps they just see this as a much improved – and different – game.

Regardless of the business behind this move, it’s sure to be a good thing for Hello Games, a small studio filled with the nicest people in game development who will hopefully benefit greatly from the extra exposure and larger market XBLA can provide them.

Source: Joystiq



  1. i guess Microsoft made sure these improvements will never make it to the PSN version

    • Sadly, you are probably right, but then again, we’re still getting the sequel, with yet more improvements anyway. Yay!

  2. Ii’m pretty sure ms actually stated that they wouldn’t allow a game with no additional content to appear on xbla. So, if a game has new levels or some sich then ms will okay it.

    • wasn’t there also a stipulation that the game couldn’t have been released on another console for it to be allowed on live?

      anyway, if they have relaxed that it’s good news for 360 owners, and developers like Hello games.

      • I’m pretty sure MS said that they would not accept the same product at a later date and have no problem with them receiving a game a later date providing it is improved.

  3. *holds with finger tips* Ewwww! Stinky hand-me-downs. Gross!

    • Ah, yeah i may have used the game as something to clean up afterwards. ;)

    • haha… just don’t mention Braid, Limbo, etc…

  4. Hmm, i’m a bit surprised that MS allowed Hello Games to publish Joe Danger on XBLA as they usually tell devs/pubs they won’t be able to release it on XBL if they release it on another platform before Xbox. I wonder if MS has changed their policy or if they are being less strict?

    Anyway, it is good news to both gamers and devs. ;)

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