Win A Copy Of Uncharted 3

Hello, how is everyone today? I hope you’re all okay. I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I spent a sizeable portion of the day struggling with the fact that I didn’t yet have my grubby little hands on a copy of Uncharted 3. I sat there, working at my computer, seething with rage that I wasn’t playing the latest in the Uncharted saga yet. It was threatening to consume my very being. So I nipped out and bought a copy. Problem solved.

But while I was planning my little excursion to buy the latest PlayStation 3 blockbuster, I spared a thought for all those of you who, for whatever reason, don’t yet have the game. So when I finally made it to the shop, I bought two. Now I’m going to give one away to one of you lucky little blighters. Because that’s how we roll here at TSA. Except Kris, he’s a right stingy old beggar *.

Let’s keep it nice and simple though, shall we? Why don’t you tell us about your most treasured possession in the comments below and at 17:00 GMT today, we’ll have a poke around the comments and pick the one we like best. The author of that comment will receive a copy of the game in the post just as soon as we can get their address from them and the postal service can find their house.

Our usual T&Cs apply, as ever, and our decision is final so no grumpy faces if you don’t win, okay? Oh, and have a read of our review, it took Alex about a month. And that’s just the sandy background.

* This is not actually true. Kris has, in the past, sent me cookies in the mail and given me awesome robot socks.

Update: Sorry folks, it took me ages to read through all of the entries! I’ve picked a winner now though, because of the sentiment and also the extra little attention to (peculiar) detail, hannes_truce is the winner of UC3. However, because I bought the games in Sainsbury’s, I also got two £25 PSN vouchers and stories from grimm and adamguest1985 resonated with me and with Uncharted 3 so I’ll send each of them a £25 code in their emails too.

Right, now bugger off and click some ads or something, I’m skint!



  1. My kids (all three of them!) They drive me insane but at least I can kiss their asses on PS3 and feel better about myself :)

    • Kiss??????
      Freudian slip I hope ;-)

      • Lol – Me too!! Unless they are REALLY good at PS3 of course! XD

      • No just thick! :)

  2. My most treasured posession is a gold ring given to me by my grandfather just before he died (around 15 years ago now). Apparently it has been in the family for ages, he told me his father gave it to him and they considered selling it at one point to make ends meet back in the 1920s I assume. I hope to be able to pass it on to my kid one day if I ever have any :)

  3. My most treasured possession is a football signed by none other than 1966 England World Cup Winner… Mr. Nobby Stiles.

  4. Just to be a total girl about it, my battered old brown knee high boots. They aren’t sexy or fashionable or any of that rubbish and have certainly seen better days, but they’re comfy and fit nicely (easier said than done with large lady feet), look a little bit like pirate boots with their folded over top and leather ties at the back and they have been with me through two stints at university and more jobs/relationships/holidays/weddings/funerals/etc than I care to remember. Plus they’re going to get lots of use keeping me out of the house once Skyrim turns up and I lose all access to the playstation for several weeks thanks to my *ahem* ‘darling’ beloved…

  5. My most treasured possession is without a doubt my defunct ticket to the opening night of Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour in London.

    It represents both the happiest and saddest moments in my life; the day I realised I was finally going to see my idol perform live, and the day I discovered that wasn’t going to happen after all.

    I decided to keep it instead of refunding it, to show my unwavering adoration for the man who defined my taste in music, and the greatest entertainer to walk this earth.

  6. I have too many to be honest. Got Batman figures, my PS3, iPod Touch and a signed copy of Uncharted 2. If I had to pick one though, it would probably be my Batman figures. Or Uncharted 2.

    It’s too hard to decide!

  7. My most treasured possession unlike all the other shallow people here is my soul
    Don’t give the game to all these terribly materialistic people, give it to me because I deserve it for not being materialistic…Stop thinking about and give me the damn game

  8. It would have to be my Warhawk statue that I won from the competition to create a warhawk skin or insignia. I created an insignia, it was picked and is now in the game :D
    There are only 225 of these statues and I have number 173.

  9. A wee Bambi teddy I’ve had since I was born :3

  10. Could be my Windy Miller statue or my chaos smiley badge but I think it’d have to be my little Jack Russell x Chihuahua, sits next to me when I’m gaming & rarely leaves my side :)

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