Win A Copy Of Uncharted 3

Hello, how is everyone today? I hope you’re all okay. I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I spent a sizeable portion of the day struggling with the fact that I didn’t yet have my grubby little hands on a copy of Uncharted 3. I sat there, working at my computer, seething with rage that I wasn’t playing the latest in the Uncharted saga yet. It was threatening to consume my very being. So I nipped out and bought a copy. Problem solved.

But while I was planning my little excursion to buy the latest PlayStation 3 blockbuster, I spared a thought for all those of you who, for whatever reason, don’t yet have the game. So when I finally made it to the shop, I bought two. Now I’m going to give one away to one of you lucky little blighters. Because that’s how we roll here at TSA. Except Kris, he’s a right stingy old beggar *.

Let’s keep it nice and simple though, shall we? Why don’t you tell us about your most treasured possession in the comments below and at 17:00 GMT today, we’ll have a poke around the comments and pick the one we like best. The author of that comment will receive a copy of the game in the post just as soon as we can get their address from them and the postal service can find their house.

Our usual T&Cs apply, as ever, and our decision is final so no grumpy faces if you don’t win, okay? Oh, and have a read of our review, it took Alex about a month. And that’s just the sandy background.

* This is not actually true. Kris has, in the past, sent me cookies in the mail and given me awesome robot socks.

Update: Sorry folks, it took me ages to read through all of the entries! I’ve picked a winner now though, because of the sentiment and also the extra little attention to (peculiar) detail, hannes_truce is the winner of UC3. However, because I bought the games in Sainsbury’s, I also got two £25 PSN vouchers and stories from grimm and adamguest1985 resonated with me and with Uncharted 3 so I’ll send each of them a £25 code in their emails too.

Right, now bugger off and click some ads or something, I’m skint!



  1. I would be lying if I said my PC wasn’t one of my most treasured possesions. I have another collection of things though, that I value more than anything. These would be my family videos. Captured all the good moments in life and it’s always good to sit with the family and look back at these. Never gets old watching yourself saying embarrassing things when you were young.

  2. My bed. 60-70 percent of every day is spent in it. mmmmm bed.

  3. My fingers and thumbs, as without them gaming as well as various other activities, although a greater challenge, wouldn’t be half as much fun.

  4. My most prized possession is the ‘Book of Shadows’, it may mean nothing to you guys, but its a full replica from the show Charmed, which you can prob tell im a fan of and costs me over £250 to buy. [which is cheap!]

  5. For me it’s my guitar. Ibanez RG1527 with bareknuckle ailbomb and painkiller pickups fitted. Love it to death, first thing i’d save in a fire for sure, other people can save themselves :P

    • first thing that came to mind was my guitar. every musical sort holds his instruments to heart

  6. my prized possession is my organ, the insturment not the things i need to live, which needs me to pedel bellows to blow air into it to make the slightest sound. Unfortunatly it is currently being abused by my mother as a coffee table because it was too big to fit through my flats front door.

  7. I would say my Master Replica Stormtrooper helmet. Which is easily the best £50 I have ever spent. (When I first joined TSA all those years ago, had a nice chat with Peter about it – even sent a piccie in of me wearing it)……………but would have to say an old yellowing Polaroid picture of my Star Wars figure collection from when I was about 8 or 9, all set up in mock battle. Makes me go all fuzzy inside……Star Wars really is magical, to a certain generation its our classic myth.

  8. My most treasured possession is my newly won copy of Uncharted 3, touched by the grubby hands of Peter himself ;-).

  9. Easy one this, and it neatly ties in with Drake himself too.
    My grandfather’s ring, given to me earlier this year after my grandmother passed away. It had been kept for me for nearly five years since he himself passed after a long battle with cancer.
    Growing up, they both had a great influence on my life, teaching me the values I live by today. Their loss makes me strive day-after-day to make something of my life, and, ultimately, be the best I can, just like they were. I wear it each day, with pride, and although it’s not worth much, it’s easily my most treasured possession.

  10. My Most Treasured Posession… My Rock Band Instruments, my PSN Account full of Rock Band DLC and… Rock Band 3 xD #iloverockband and my iMac <3 c:

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