Win A Copy Of Uncharted 3

Hello, how is everyone today? I hope you’re all okay. I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I spent a sizeable portion of the day struggling with the fact that I didn’t yet have my grubby little hands on a copy of Uncharted 3. I sat there, working at my computer, seething with rage that I wasn’t playing the latest in the Uncharted saga yet. It was threatening to consume my very being. So I nipped out and bought a copy. Problem solved.

But while I was planning my little excursion to buy the latest PlayStation 3 blockbuster, I spared a thought for all those of you who, for whatever reason, don’t yet have the game. So when I finally made it to the shop, I bought two. Now I’m going to give one away to one of you lucky little blighters. Because that’s how we roll here at TSA. Except Kris, he’s a right stingy old beggar *.

Let’s keep it nice and simple though, shall we? Why don’t you tell us about your most treasured possession in the comments below and at 17:00 GMT today, we’ll have a poke around the comments and pick the one we like best. The author of that comment will receive a copy of the game in the post just as soon as we can get their address from them and the postal service can find their house.

Our usual T&Cs apply, as ever, and our decision is final so no grumpy faces if you don’t win, okay? Oh, and have a read of our review, it took Alex about a month. And that’s just the sandy background.

* This is not actually true. Kris has, in the past, sent me cookies in the mail and given me awesome robot socks.

Update: Sorry folks, it took me ages to read through all of the entries! I’ve picked a winner now though, because of the sentiment and also the extra little attention to (peculiar) detail, hannes_truce is the winner of UC3. However, because I bought the games in Sainsbury’s, I also got two £25 PSN vouchers and stories from grimm and adamguest1985 resonated with me and with Uncharted 3 so I’ll send each of them a £25 code in their emails too.

Right, now bugger off and click some ads or something, I’m skint!



  1. After yesterday, uncharted 3 is my most treasured possession… Lets just say eurogamer were very wrong in their review, and the 10out of 10 reviews didnt do it justice. I finished it on easy, but only because i just refused to stop playing…

    Good luck to whoever comments and wins peter’s spare copy of the most awsome product on the planet. Hope it goes to someone who genuinely doesn’t have the cash for it.

  2. My little fluffy Chinchilla (not a euphemism). He’s the most incredible little guy in the world and my life would be a lot emptier without him. His name is Raisin and he’s just had a video submitted to You’ve Been Framed, fingers crossed eh?

    It’s either that or my mind control unit – *uses mind control unit to win*

  3. My Nausicaa blu-ray, signed by Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki. Huge Ghibli fan

    Or my laptop so I can visit TSA *wink wink*

  4. This is going to sound corny but my most treasured possession is my family. I got very ill in my late teens and it made me think about things and everything is replaceable but them. But if I was to say an item it would be a back up memory stick with all my books on that I hope to publish one day :)

  5. In case the wife sees – obviously my wedding photos! ;)

    But I’d have to say my Brands Hatch “Class Winner” trophy from 2010. I spent years getting up at 5am and travelling all over the UK to help and watch my Dad race, from since I can remember. We lived in Surrey and Brands Hatch was our closest, and my favourite circuit. With the exception of gaming and maths, I’ve never really excelled at anything in particular, and I happen to have one of those perfect Dad’s who’s good at everything and as such, anything I did wasn’t quite good enough. So after nearly 20 years of wanting to follow in his footsteps, I completed my ARDS test, passed the medical (which led to the identification of a kidney stone – but that’s another story), handed over several hundreds of pounds to the MSA, and got my racing licence. My first race was to be at Brands Hatch, and whilst my Dad was unable to race, I partnered his co-driver and not only was I actually pretty quick, we won our class and I finally earned a little respect from my Dad – who was C2 class winner at Le Mans in 1990. Last year I actually got to race with my Dad so fulfilled a childhood dream. So for me, the trophy represents a 20-year desire to achieve something and I will treasure it always.

  6. Well I’d have to say my girlfriend’s heart, it’s not in a jar or an old shoe box, just spiritually and emotionally. She cares for me, loves me, looks after me, puts up with me, supports me. She centres me and keeps me sane, she unconditionally loves me. In return I do all I can to match her and bring her the kind of joy, love and support she gives me.

    • Sorry but in case that doesn’t count, it’d probably be my 40″ Sony tv as without that, my PS3 and surround sound would gather dust and be made redundant

    • Jesus Christ! Wow!

  7. Kinda lame and redundant but the pen I was given for my 18th birthday/leaving for Uni present. It is one of the few things I own that was explicitely given to me by my parents before leaving. It is aways nice to have around :)

  8. My most treasured possession is a copy of final fantasy VII for the PS1. Brand new in box. Still sealed and original version, none of this platinum malarky. When I bought the game I ordered it from Gameplay. Back then they were mail order, or telephone based. I used to find their adverts in the back of PC Zone magazine. Anyway, I ordered a copy after seeing my mates brother playing it, and they sent me two. I loved the game and It was massive, getting rave reviews etc, so I decided to keep it pristine. Should be worth a lot of money in the further future. :)

    • I like this one – even if you have won a few competitions before! :)

      It’s still my favourite game to date (well, this and Zelda Links Awakening) – even though it’s not the best now, at the time I LOVED it, and spent more than 100 hours on it so the clock is stuck and doesn’t move anymore. If you decide to sell, let me know! :)

  9. My most treasured possession? Well, possession may be a strange way of putting it, but I have to say my 22 month old son, I’d be devastated if I lost him, more than any other “possession” of mine. He’s everything to me and if I had to choose between him and my ps3, well there’s no competition really is there?

  10. After 18 years of smiles, tears, disappointment and jubilation, it has to be my useless wooden toy (skateboard). It has gotten me through unemployment, break-ups and hard times. It keeps me fit and active even though I am now midway through my thirties. And most of all it reminds me how to play! All work and no play makes Al a unhappy boy! As winter draws in the opportunities to play on my skateboard diminish with the light and weather, I am always looking for other inspiration to keep me playing. Never grow old!

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