Win A Copy Of Uncharted 3

Hello, how is everyone today? I hope you’re all okay. I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I spent a sizeable portion of the day struggling with the fact that I didn’t yet have my grubby little hands on a copy of Uncharted 3. I sat there, working at my computer, seething with rage that I wasn’t playing the latest in the Uncharted saga yet. It was threatening to consume my very being. So I nipped out and bought a copy. Problem solved.

But while I was planning my little excursion to buy the latest PlayStation 3 blockbuster, I spared a thought for all those of you who, for whatever reason, don’t yet have the game. So when I finally made it to the shop, I bought two. Now I’m going to give one away to one of you lucky little blighters. Because that’s how we roll here at TSA. Except Kris, he’s a right stingy old beggar *.

Let’s keep it nice and simple though, shall we? Why don’t you tell us about your most treasured possession in the comments below and at 17:00 GMT today, we’ll have a poke around the comments and pick the one we like best. The author of that comment will receive a copy of the game in the post just as soon as we can get their address from them and the postal service can find their house.

Our usual T&Cs apply, as ever, and our decision is final so no grumpy faces if you don’t win, okay? Oh, and have a read of our review, it took Alex about a month. And that’s just the sandy background.

* This is not actually true. Kris has, in the past, sent me cookies in the mail and given me awesome robot socks.

Update: Sorry folks, it took me ages to read through all of the entries! I’ve picked a winner now though, because of the sentiment and also the extra little attention to (peculiar) detail, hannes_truce is the winner of UC3. However, because I bought the games in Sainsbury’s, I also got two £25 PSN vouchers and stories from grimm and adamguest1985 resonated with me and with Uncharted 3 so I’ll send each of them a £25 code in their emails too.

Right, now bugger off and click some ads or something, I’m skint!


  1. My most treasured possession is my camera, it comes everywhere with me & captures my life.

  2. Great comp but I’ll give this a miss and let someone else have a go, since I already got the copy, and have entered 3 competitions already! (Actually it is that great =D )

  3. AK-47 Call Out Mod: FAD8-RQNN-8C4E

  4. I could say something soppy like my family, or something predictable like my PS3, but rather sadly, I’d have to say my phone as I’m never without it. Or my winkie.

  5. My fiancee :) (yes she’s my possession :P)

  6. Not sure if this is cheating but we managed to get a signed Uncharted3-branded notebook from Nolan North when some mates and I went to the Eurogamer Expo.

  7. My most treasured possession is my laptop. I have kids and no money, so I spend a lot of time in the house. The laptop is my link to my friends and the world outside these four walls. If I didn’t have my laptop CBeebies would drive me slowly insane.

  8. Why do this comp when I am going to town today to buy UC3!? Why? *shakes fist*

    Lovely comp though :) My most treasured possession is my Batman Costume…jk

    This isn’t an entry ;)

  9. My most treasured possession? The first thing that comes to my mind is my PlayStation ( or PSX for some of us ). The first, gray one. It’s still in good shape and running, although it takes some effort to keep it this way. But it’s my first console, I have so many beautiful memories with it, some of them just mine and some shared.
    Strange to say but the way I am today…PlayStation did it xD

  10. Ooh! stand by for another deluge of new membs. :P
    Cool comp, I’ll pass as I already have the game, but for someone to win this that can’t buy the game, their Christmas will have come early ;)

    • Haha – A very cynical view freeze, but one that i actually agree with! It was the first thought that i had when seeing it on the main page as it goes! :D

      But best of luck to anyone that enters though, be they old or new.

      • It is indeed true, lets hope that they stay as they are perfectly welcome.

        I am yet to purchase the new Uncharted so here is my entry. My most treasured possession is my Rolex, stored in a treasure chest of sorts.

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