Remedy Defends Alan Wake’s Move To XBLA

The announcement that the next entry in Alan Wake series will be moving to a downloadable platform hasn’t gone down well with some fans, even though there are a distinct lack of details about the forthcoming project.

In response to fan reservations, developer Remedy has jumped to the defence of the title and asked players to wait for more information to be released before condemning the upcoming XBLA outing to the junkpile.


“You’re assuming a lot by the platform it is on,” said Remedy’s community manager. “All I can say is wait for the official announcement before making up your mind.

He then goes on to say:

“We’ll have an official announcement up in a moment but let me clarify that you guys shouldn’t feel disheartened that it’s coming to XBLA. It’s structured like a full release complete with a pretty damn impressive storyline that expands the originals in some interesting ways.

“I really enjoyed it so I’m sure you all will too!”

Those who played the original will remember that the game’s ‘chapters’ played out very much like TV episodes – so who knows – could the rumoured Alan Wake: Night Springs be episodic?

Source: CVG



  1. Loved the first one. Just because because its download only doesnt mean they have scaled it down

  2. The DLC were absolutely awful, i’m very suspicious about all this.

  3. There are some great games on XBLA. Some even tremendously better than full disc releases so I wouldn’t judge a game based on what platform it will be released. Bastion is the first thing that springs to mind and it holds a very special place in my heart (I got it from steam but I think it is also on XBLA, right?).

    • Yes but are there many sequels to “full” games released as XBLA? And of those are many good?

      • To answer your questions: I don’t know / care. Alan Wake was highly anticipated when it was announced and while it was a pretty good game according to what I’ve read it did underperform financially. If they save some money by not having to press the game on discs and instead spend that money on actual development work then I’m all for it.

      • Well that’s a nice answer.

      • Thank yo very much. Unless this was sarcasm… ;)

  4. A lot of the best games this gen are arcade titles so I’m not worried by this in the slightest. I always looked at the episodic style of the original and thought it would work better as a weekly/monthly XBL update anywho :)

  5. it’s not the platform that worries me, it’s the “arcade action” option in the leaked menu screen that has me concerned.

  6. I still haven’t played the original, shame it was xbox only. From a completely outsider view, I don’t see how that could work as DLC..

  7. They could do it like Siren Blood Curse, couldn’t they?

  8. Must be annoying when fans judge your game before they know any solid details about it.

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