Big Dose of PSN Maintenance Coming Next Week

The last few bouts of PSN maintenance haven’t lasted particularly long, but the one planned for November 17th is a bit of a biggy, going from 16.00PM until 03.00AM GMT on November 18th.

Now, here comes the science bit:


From 16.05PM until 02.00AM the following services will be unavailable:

  • PlayStation Store (PC and Console)
  • Customer Account Management
  • Account Registration

Users who are already signed into their account on the PlayStation Network before the maintenance begins should be able to remain signed in and continue their online session (although the above services will still be unavailable).

Users who attempt to log into their account after the maintenance begin will be presented with the site  maintenance notification page.

HOME will also be unavailable for the duration of the maintenance.

Source: OPC



  1. Ready for new firmware? Dare I say Cross…..ho ho ho

    • Beat me to it ;)

    • lol! They did say they’re not doing cross game chat this gen though, right?

    • Gearing up for Xmas increased users/traffic.

  2. I wonder what they are doing in every maintenance? Security control?

    • since its on the 18th, I presume its main purpose is to limit the active accounts from 5 to 2. but we can always hope for something useful :)

    • Maybe they’re doing maintenance :P

  3. Skyrim Ahoy!

  4. Moan moan grumble grumble.

  5. So if they’re going through with the 2 PS3 activations thing, how will Sony know which PS3 to deactivate! I sure ain’t deactivating my 3rd PS3.

    Also last time I remained signed it whilst maintenance was going on, my password got changed.

    • I think the reduction from 5 to 2 uses is only for future downloads, so perhaps you will be able to have your account active on several PS3s, but new content can only be used on two PS3s at the same time. Just a theory, and I am probably completely wrong.

      • You’re completely right. :) After the 18th the account holder will decide which 2 accounts out of 5 will be able to use the content via a website where you can activate your accounts. You should be able to download any content to all 5 accounts using the activate/deactivate options, but will only be able to keep 2 accounts active at any given time… at least thats how Sony described it on the comments section of their blog.

      • That sounds good.

      • Great, thanks for the clarification. :)

      • To be fair xdarkmagician, that sounds far more painless than I was expecting in TSA’s original post. Even my ambidextrous brother in law wouldn’t be able to play on his PS3, PSP and another PS3 at the same time.

      • whats the point in that i dont understand ?

  6. Maintenance at an EU peak time? How novel.

    • Could’ve been worst, like Witches of the wilds turning servers into toads I heard

    • They always seem to choose a time that will affect the maximum numbers of users.

      • Is probably easier to carry out maintainence when there are fewer people blocking up the service, therefore they would take it down before everyone gets back from work on the Friday.

      • I would have thought the best time when the least amount of people will be using it is early morning.

      • Its slow time Japan. Fair enough the home nation gets priority in my opinion, just a shame they can’t run it at different stages for different places.

  7. Seems fine with me. I’ll be playing offline in Saints Row 3 all week anyways.
    I’m guessing there’s gonna be a few others on Skyrim as well :P

  8. yep skyrim for me :D

  9. MW3 SP, although I’ll probably of completed it by then, so Skryim it is then!

  10. Off work Friday so I’ll be on my account before the 4pm deadline. Will just need to make sure I don’t do anything that logs out of my account! Will be on DCUO if on PSN but plenty of offline games if I bite the bullet.

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