God Of War IV Listed At Retailer

New Zealand retailer Mighty Ape has listed God of War IV with a release date of September 2012.

This ties in with a rumour from PS3 magazine back in April which declared ‘PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012.’


An online CV also listed cinematics from the title and Sony Santa Monica have been placing job adverts for a forthcoming multi-player project.

It’s entirely possible that Mighty Ape have picked up a copy of PSM magazine and decided to list the game on a whim. The image they have used was created by a fan and is not official.

‘We do not comment on rumours or speculation,’ would have the been answer from Sony if we had bothered to contact them.

Source: Mighty Ape 



  1. Thinking about it, I don’t see why Sony shouldn’t do another one. The GOW3 engine is an absolute beast, and in my opinion, still looks better than either Killzone 3 or Uncharted 3. Even if it doesn’t star Kratos, surely the talent at Santa Monica can put together a worthy successor?

    • Yeah I don’t see why not either. There was a very heavy hint at the end of GOW3 after all, seems a little wasteful to produce just one title from an engine created with the PS3 in mind.

      Does still seem a little presumptous by Mighty Ape though.

      • I dunno If it should go under the GoW name though if it doesn’t involve Kratos. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

      • after watching the game directors thing that’s on the store gow3 director pretty much confirmed they have laid out plans for what happens after 3 and thanks to all the games they have established that in this particular game series death isn’t the end and kratos can always come back from it

  2. Please be a reboot. Please be a reboot.

    • just imagine if it turned out to be an fps haha

      • Call of Kratos / Kratos: Very Bad Company

  3. If this is true, I hope it’s good. I liked 3, but that’s about as far as they could go with that formula.

  4. Anywhere near as good as any of the 5 and I’ll be a happy man. Love the series, I hope thet don’t overdo it and tie out a story that’s already gone as far as it can.

  5. Love em all. God of war can do no wrong in my eyes. Straight tens. All of em.

  6. Hopefully this will come to pass.

    • Gandalf? Is that really you?

  7. Start again with rome? That might be fun?

  8. Im not sure about this.

    GOW3 was such a beautiful game that im curious if they can actually make a sequel with better graphics.
    but then im not sure how much dick space GOW3 took up so they may be room to improve (those lighting effects never really blew me away)

    but i guess the main reason i don’t like the idea of a new GOW game is the fact that it would be God Of War 4 on the PS3.
    Sony has the perfect opportunity right now to release a slew of 4th installment games on the PS4 (Uncharted 4, God of War 4, Jak 4(?) Crash Bandicoot 4 [the cannon 4th game] BattleField 4 LitteBigPlanet 3 and 4)

    it just seems like a good idea to hold off on the 4s until the PS4 is revealed.
    i mean who knows what Sony will release on the PS4 if it is not these much loved games? it concerns me to think about.

  9. Heh I’ve been on Mighty Ape before, I doubt they would have much in the way of secret info, I’d say they just heard the rumours and made their listing. That said I fully expect there will be a GOW4 at some point.

  10. day one for me love GOW games. all of them were great in my eyes.

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