Star Trek Online Free To Play Switch Date Announced

Star Trek Online will go Free To Play  on January 17th, 2012. The news comes from Stephen D’Angelo, Executive Producer of Star Trek Online via the official blog.

As well as the switch date,  D’Angelo also revealed two more announcements for players.


“We will be starting the Gold member stipend benefit on December 1st. This benefit grants 400 free Cryptic Points each month to each subscriber to STO. We are starting the Gold member stipend early as a way to thank our loyal customers during this transition period prior to the launch of Free-to-Play.

“Second, we will be bringing the new build from Tribble to Holodeck somewhere in the range of December 1 to December 8.”

Tribble is Star trek Online’s testing server so whatever the new game build has seems to have passed the test and will be avaliable to all players.

Star Trek Online was released in February 2010 and the decision to go Free to Play was made in September 2011, initially to switch by the end of 2011. Obviously, that date was pushed back probably for testing.



  1. F2P might just make me have a look at this. If I can find time… launching it in that usually dead period after Xmas seems like a good move in that respect.

  2. looking forward to this , used to subscribe but it was pushed out far to early playing more as an alpha stage game than anything else , greats its adopted the f2p model though.

  3. Soooooo will it be free to ‘buy’ also?

  4. Make it so.

  5. “Live long and prosper” – an inspired tagline there :)

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