Sorcery Being Shown Off Next Month

It looks like more information for the much anticipated PlayStation Move exclusive, Sorcery, will be hitting next month.

Speaking to IGN, Sony’s Eric Levine said:


“Yes, Sorcery is still in development and we’re very excited to show everyone how this PlayStation Move exclusive game is coming along.”

It’ll be shown off at Sony’s Holiday Showcase in New York in December, where press will actually get to play it. Hopefully it won’t disappoint, as when I saw the game being demoed at Gamescom 2010 it looked full of potential.

Source: IGN



  1. Could I have that bundled with a Move starter kit?

    • Me too! might finally win me over for it…

  2. I reckon sorcery could’ve been really good, but I’m thinking they’ve probably dumbed it right down so it appeals to the kids. We shall see soon enough I suppose I just reckon its not going to end up being the game everyone hoped for.

    • Be patient….it might blow your mind….the move games I play aint for kids…keep em crossed dude ;-)

    • I doubt that. We have Medieval Moves coming which seems to be geared towards young ones. I think/hope Sorcery will come out and finally be the killer app that the Move needs. I have not dusted off my wands in several months.

      • “I have not dusted off my wands in several months.”

        You should regularly – Hygiene is important. :)

    • Additionally, I kinda see where tony is coming from – This does have the potential to become something like ‘Harry Potter – Move Edition’ if they dumb things down to cater for all people & ages, I just hope that they stay true to what was shown in that preview all those many months ago.

  3. They had a chance with Sorcery to make it a Move seller but Move’s been out for so long now, its plummeted in price. I doubt it will have the same effect it would of done if it had indeed been released earlier.

    • It hasn’t plummeted in Ireland. Be nice if it had.

  4. Finally. The one game that I bought a Move for. About time.

    • same here! Only own one full move game and that Sports Champions

  5. Looks like it might soon be time to actually unpack move again then

  6. This has medicore written all over it.

    • Why do you think that?

      • I think the idea is good I just have a feeling it wont be what people want it to be. I suppose it depends on the studio and the budget, if its made like a triple A title then my hopes will get a bit higher.

  7. May need to dust off the Move controller, now where did I put it…

  8. I really hope this one lives up to the hype which it prob won’t !

  9. *sprays his coffee everywhere* It’s alive!? :O
    I wonder if they have changed it completely to what we saw a few years ago?

  10. Looking forward to this game,

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