Skyrim Update On The Way

Bethesda has confirmed that all systems will be receiving an update for Skyrim, ironing out bugs that have been reported. Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hine, said the following on Twitter:

“We are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address any bugs and [performance] issues we can. We will fix as much as we can for your platform. I don’t know if it will fix ‘your’ bug. Takes a while to test/fix/regress. Hang in there.”

No release date has been announced for the patch. Has anyone come across any particularly amusing/annoying bugs?

Source: IGN





  1. Only bug I’ve come across is the lag after a few hours play, wouldnt be a problem if it wasn’t so addictive!

  2. I had an odd Mammoth dupe bug. Kinda funny seeing somthing that large split into two and one flying into the air only to fall to it’s death… nice easy quest finish as well!

  3. None so far for me, although it has crashed on me but only the once. Having said that, I’d rather have a few bugs on a game like this than a flawless but dull as dishwater game.

  4. Haven’t picked Skyrim up yet, may wait for a few more bug fixes to arrive first. Still shocks me how buggy Bethesda games can be, I know the games are massive, but it’s the simple things they seem too kinda screw up.

    • Skyrim isn’t buggy at all, honestly next to Arkham City (to cite a recently released example) or any current gen Bethesda game Skyrim really compares very well. There are a few small glitches but they’re mostly funny so I hope they stay, and I have the PS3 version which is typically the buggiest platform.

      There really isn’t any excuse not to have this yet and this is coming from someone who traded New Vegas in after three days from disgust for the many, many issues that game displayed.

      • Yeh it isn’t really buggy at all. Been very impressed. Playing it on PS3 and so relieved after seeing next to no info on it before release.

    • I will pick it up, wasn’t planning to, but after hearing how good and immersive it is, I want it now. It’s on the misses x-mass list for me! :)

      But I still have flashback nightmares from how buggy Fallout3 was – I had it all, Goat bug, quest glitches, black screen, re-boots – and the companies response was appaling. I’m a PS3 owner too and we always seem to get the buggier games and the least patch fixes. It was so bad I couldn’t take myself back to the wastlands with New Vegas!

      It’s such a shame because when bethesda games work they’re absolutely amazing!

      • I have been fortunate enough to not have too many problems with Bethesda games. But trust me, Skyrim and it’s new engine work a treat. And after the first hour (can be extremely daunting) the game becomes an absolutly awesome experience.

  5. I had a bug where I killed a DB contract in his room in an inn. His body then flew about the room knocking stuff over. He then slid under a chair but you could easily see him.
    Went to the innkeeper for a room and she gave me that exact room.

    • Awesome! I love glitches like this. As long as they stay more ridiculous than annoying they’re alright by me.

      • Agreed. The odd funny glitch (i stood on a pot and it pinged me across the room) I don’t mind. Gamebreakers are just awful though. Fortunatly not had any and heard minimum reports on them.

        GOTY? Very possible imo.

  6. A few graphical issues aside the main bug I’ve got at the moment is the first “Companions” quest to kill a bandit leader… I killed him already and it doesnt recognise that he’s already dead.. Not tried going back to the quest giver but a bit annoying!

  7. I will be buying this over Christmas so am happy to know that many of the major bugs will be fixed. However, I’m idly hoping that they leave the bucket-on-the-head trick in. :)

  8. Looking at all that Skyrim footage made me want to play The Witcher 2 again. I played it for the first time since the 2.0 patch came out and it’s a blast. I hope other companies take notice and put the same amount of effort into their game post release. Bethesda seems to be eager to fix things, which is already a good sign.

  9. Not had any game breaking bugs or glitches yet, just a few quests that are made harder by the quest NPCs seemingly taking a holiday. They usually turn up eventually.

    There’s definately a few screwy things with their physics engine though. If you kill something on a slope, the body will slide down faster than you can run, leading to the embarrasing situation of losing a foot race to a corpse. I’ve also been smacked in the air by one of the giants and seemed to be heading into orbit before the game re-loaded.

    • There is debate on wether that is a glitch or just a funny addition with the giants. You’re dead anyway so it is pretty funny imo.

    • It was a shame you couldn’t catch up with the dead body on the hill Zephyre – You could have partaken in a spot of corpse tobogganing.

      • That would make the winter Olympics so much better!

      • This is true – I might actually watch it then! :)

  10. The only major bug I have encountered so far is that it hard-crashed by console three times during the opening scene. Since then, aside from a few glitchy characters, everything has been fine :)

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