New Trine 2 Screens Released

Stupid spiders.

With a month to go until the game is available, a handful of new screens have been released for Trine 2. They feature Pontius the knight, Amadeus the wizard, and Zoya the thief tackling obstacles, such as a flipping great spider. Stick it with the pointy end!

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, a special edition will be available for £14.99, and it will contain the full game, its soundtrack, an artbook commented by the developers from Frozenbyte, and also Trine 1.

Source: Press Release


  1. Would love this to get a PS3 disc release!

  2. Looks gorgeous. If that’s the price of the special edition then i’m guessing Trine 2 by itself is going to be around a tenner? Bargain either way.

  3. Not that i need it (as i have & platinumed Trine), but is that special edition available for other platforms such as PS3 & Xbox then? Last time it was mentioned, i think it was PC only.

  4. Amazing, just amazing. They look absolutely fantastic.

  5. Looking great, I think I’ll have to be getting this. I really enjoyed the original, and this looks even better.

  6. Looks really lovely, not such a big fan of the gameplay though..

  7. I’ll not be picking Trine 2 up at release, but I’ll get it at some point, probably when it’s on offer.

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