Sony Japan’s New Marketing Site Shows New PS3 Colours

Fancy a Scarlet Red PS3? Perhaps Blue Splash is more your thing? Sony Japan is going all colourful for this “holiday season”.

The new colour variants are joined by a new PSP with black and red bodywork and make up a significant push for sales this Christmas by the Japanese branch of the console giant.


They’re also pushing the Torne DVR add-on and a selection of games featuring those really hectic Japanese covers that make my eyes water. Oh, and Uncharted 3, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

If you visit the new section on Sony Japan’s site and click the link on the right that says “CM” you can watch some quite mental flash video adverts for the newly-coloured consoles.

Europe got some new colours recently too, with white and silver PS3s appearing. Perhaps we’ll get these attractive hues in time too.

Source: Andriasang



  1. The blue one looks cool! Shame i already have the black one

  2. No pink to match my remote? :(

  3. I wish we could the new final fantasy one, it looks so cool, but of course we will never get something as cool as that in the UK…

  4. Torne DVR add-on?? Eh, whats this?

  5. Why do we never get these in the US? There must be a market for it, no?

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