SSX Gets Wub Wub Trailer

It seems like everyone’s doing dubstep these days – apparently it’s even the thing for remixing classic tracks like Run DMC’s It’s Tricky.  I don’t like the mix, but – hey – it’s what the kids like.

Regardless, here’s the latest video for EA’s mountain-a-thon, and although I’m still not sold on the idea of whizzing down a big block of ice (I much preferred the earlier SSX level structure) it does look like it could be a bit of fun.

Click, listen, enjoy.  Just don’t click through and read the comments on the YouTube page.



  1. Gameplay looks reassuring, just as the last few have and I’m looking forward to it!

    Hope that isn’t a sign of the soundtrack though, Dubstep always sounds unfinished and completely devoid of any sort of melody, it’s the definition of simplicity, but unintentionally so.

  2. The developers didn’t need to make this more realistic and technically impressive, the original SSX was crazy, but thats what made it fun and gave the game some charm.

    I guess ill just remember the good times:

  3. Didn’t like the music… but there we go. Looks great, and I really want to get my mits on this game. It’s been far too long since I’ve played an SSX game.

  4. They should just do an SSX HD collection i reckon – I know i would definitely buy it & i am pretty sure that many, many others would too, to relive those tricky moments in glorious HD with trophies!!

    *dribbles at the prospect*

  5. The song could have been a lot better, sounded a little flat to the normal Dubstep I listen to. But looking forward to playing the game, but will most likely rent it, just in case…

  6. Looks better every time I see it! Custom soundtracks though, please.

  7. I just want tricky, not this. Especially after I’ve heard all the stuff that it’s going to be nothing like tricky…

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