Watch Full Length Movies In Home

The residents of Home can now watch full length movies and TV shows for free.

Films include Step Brothers, Cruel Intentions, Snatch, Resident Evil, A Few Good Men, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Ghostbusters II, Ultraviolet, The International and Starship Troopers.


Lucky citizens of the U.S.A. can nip on over to their pal’s virtual apartment, grab the virtual popcorn and sit back and enjoy a movie together.

Lucky citizens of Europe can nip on over to their pal’s virtual apartment, grab the virtual popcorn and sit back and enjoy a blank wall.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Haha, I was all set to say ‘not in Ireland,’ but nowhere in Europe?
    Wake up SCEE, we all hate Mondays, but not all of us take them off!

    • Even when it does come to Europe, the selection of films will probably be naff. *Packs bags, moves to America*

  2. Will this be like watching E3, which was very much like not watching E3 via Home?

  3. Seeing as Home struggles to load up 30second adverts, i doubt this will be popular. Who wants to watch, loading:the film?

    Why don’t we get this as well? Come on SCEE pull ye finger out of ye backside and get us some new features.

    • It loads really fast the movies. No waiting at all.

  4. Personally I’d prefer to just be able to watch them without entering HOME, but it does seem like a good idea nonetheless. This does feel a bit too little, too late for me though, it’s something I’d imagined HOME would do from the off set.

    • This is something home is doing from the offset my young Padawan. You forget, Home is still in a Beta phase!

      • Ah yeah, fair point, I forgot home will be reaching 1.0 in time for the release of the ps4. Maybe I ought to give it another try but I lost interest in the beta honks ago.

  5. They teased us with features like this before home was released. Too Little too late.

  6. Well what i would want is the movie side to the PS Store since we still don’t have that here

  7. its pretty obvious really with home still in beta that we wont see the full scale of its features until the next gen of console. Even still why this could be a good feature is ifs free films or some sort of subscription based but certainly would have to be upto date films and a good selection.

  8. Good news. Give till Easter and europe will get it. The new cinema is better and faster. It looks and plays better every week. P.S. Sign up for the TSA picture meet and see all of the new stuff. Oh and I had TC in my apartment the other night. Awesome time. :-*

  9. Shock horror!!! Sony neglects Europe, again!!

  10. Sigh.

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