LittleBigPlanet Misses Vita Launch Window

Sony’s hugely impressive European Vita launch line-up appears to be missing at least one key title – LittleBigPlanet, and it’s not the only one.

The Double Eleven developed title has been seen multiple times since the announcement, and we’ve played it on a few occasions and been hugely impressed at the production level.

[videoyoutube]However, it looks like it won’t be coming out for launch, having been left off SCEE’s list, which was bolstered this evening with news of a new RC-themed Motorstorm and a new third person shooter from Zipper.


Of course, it was never locked down as a launch game but perhaps because we’d already seen so much of it, we just assumed that it would have made the first round of games.  As it stands, sadly, this isn’t the case.

Also missing out on a day one release is Super Stardust, Housemarque’s outstanding shooter will also have to sit, for now, with a 2012 window rather than anything specific.

We can’t be too disappointed, though, with Uncharted, WipEout, ModNation Racers, Everybody’s Golf, Unit 13 and now Motorstorm heading up one hell of a system launch, quite possibly the best one we’ve ever seen.

To see what else is in the pipeline from third parties, click here, and then remember that Killzone and Resistance are also on the way.  And hopefully something from Polyphony…



  1. Well You can’t have all your big games out on one day.

    • Yeah, they have to save some first party titles!

  2. Oh no how will I cope without the sweet tones of Stephen Fry guiding through LBP on my Vita on day one!

    • Play something else and wait till dave play QI..?

  3. Oh crap. Out of the three titles I most wanted only Wipeout is out on day one. Dammit.

    Playing LittleBigPlanet at EGX I’m surprised the game can’t be finished for Feb. it felt like completed title and I didn’t experience any major issues with it.

  4. But … Sony’s blog post says Super Stardust Delta is confirmed as a launch title.

  5. is this confirmed or is it just made on the assumption that it wasn’t shown off tonight by sony?

  6. This makes me sad :(

    but i dont mind because id rather have the games spread out across the year instead of just getting them all in the first week and finishing them by the end of the month.

  7. We shall all miss you until you come to play again, Sackboy :(

  8. Isn’t SSD on the blog post as a launch title game?

  9. Probably leaving it for closer to christmas. Need a christmas “must have” title.

  10. First LBP2 and now LBP:Vita. Seems Media Molecule are as good at meeting deadlines as the Gran Turismo team these days ;)

    • But LBP2 was worth the wait. And from what I saw, LBP Vita will be just as good as the original game.

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