MotorStorm: RC Hands On Impressions

In case you haven’t seen the trailer I’ll give you the low down: MotorStorm: RC is a “nearly top-down” racer built using the Motorstorm Apocalypse engine. As the title might suggest, this time around we’ve gone all miniature: the cars are remote controlled.

The version on the press-event show floor is pre-beta, but even now it’s looking very nice. Yes it’s missing particle effects, dust and dirt and the like, but at the moment it’s running smoothly and perhaps more to the point, it’s pretty fun!

[drop2]Combining obvious inspirations like Codemasters’ Micro Machines V3 and Mario Kart’s speed classes with a near Playstation 3 level of graphical prowess really leaves one with a sense of just how powerful this little device is going to be.

So, down to the nitty gritty then.  Given the volume of the DJ’s set at the Vita Rooms event, I shall have to refrain from commenting on the audio, but that aside, what’s it like to play? Well, it plays quite like you might expect an actual remote controlled car to handle.

The right stick controls acceleration when moved up and down, and the left stick does the steering when moved left to right. It’s worth noting that the controls are 100% customisable, meaning the player can really adjust the game to suit their playing style.

Players can choose from three viewpoints by pressing the triangle button (by default) which increases the distance the camera is from the vehicle. The angle is never quite fully top-down, always allowing the user to experience the track in its full relief.

There are hills, valleys, bumps and jumps, everything you’d expect from a Motorstorm game.

[drop]Races load quickly, with the waiting time weighing in at two seconds on the PS3 and six seconds on the PS Vita – they’re still optimising the code and want to hit the two second loading time on both platforms.

The download itself is roughly 600MB, and again, optimisations are still being made. As you may have seen from the press release, if you’ve bought the game, you get it twice: once for PS3 and once for PS Vita.

This is a brilliant gesture, hopefully one offering great value.

It’s worth noting that although the PS3 boasts four player local co-op, you can’t add a fifth in from the portable version as the technology behind the multiplayer is asynchronous on the Vita version.

We’re not allowed to take any pictures of the Vita version, but it really is looking very promising, especially for such an early version. The game launches at the same time as the Vita in Europe, but currently pricing hasn’t been announced.

Personally, I think if it can retain the same spirit of fun that Micro Machines V3 embodied, then this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Original article written for TheSixthAxis by Kev Adsett.



  1. Hopefully a perfect fit for Vita, and the PS3 free download is a great idea.

    • Case of oh you know you already have some Playstation Vita games, fancy buying a Vita to play these games you like anywhere. Marketing tact?

  2. Does this thing have online then? I’ll probably get it regardless but this may be the future of the Motorstorm meets at stake here

    • TSA Vita meets?? :O

      • Yes but see its cross system also! So we can have both Vita and PS3 players on the same server ^^

  3. Looks fun, reminds me a bit of Skidmarks for the Amiga.

  4. Yeah did they say something about online? And i’m a little dissapointed that their is no option for normal view :(.

    • What do you mean normal view? Do you mean cockpit? If so, it’s an remote controlled car…

      • Yeah, that would kinda miss the point although it would be interesting as an option, especially given that it’s the Apocalypse engine.

      • I think its the “behind-car” view he was leaning towards. Me thinks, Multiplayer is under wraps with hush talk? ;)

      • Seems strange that they aren’t offering a behind the car view given that the game engine was originally optimised for that viewpoint. Also, if it’s motorstorm then why is there no mention of a festival (even if it is a RC car house party!) nor is there any sign of cars crashing and breaking up into many pieces.

      • Pretty sure there was a cheat that did that in Micro Machines V3.

      • @Ben – apologise for not mentioning it, but events are split up into festivals.

    • Yep meant what death-in-flames meant.

    • Pfft. Bonnet/Superman cam FTW!

  5. Motorstorm RC ey? It would be fun if they added weapons and made it a bit like Re-Volt from PsOne.

    • Oh my god, I just remembered Re-Volt. The fun I had with this game… Also, I wouldn’t mind a Micro Machines reboot…

    • Revolt. Spent hours/days on that game on my Dreamcast (unlocked everything). It was perfect.

  6. Didn’t like the trailer at all, the write-up is slightly more inspiring. Ignoring my thoughts though, a Motorstorm title is a big boost to Vita.

  7. I’d like a new version of Circuit Breakers, thank you very much

  8. clever idea of releasing a ps3 version of the game.

  9. I hope this demonstrates to other developers that it can be quite easy to create both a PS3 and Vita version with not too much trouble. Should help sales and keep costs down.

  10. Looks ok actually. Just hope the pricing is going to be ok.

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