The Sun Picks Up On Xbox Hacking Stories

Microsoft have already denied there’s a link between people’s Xbox 360 accounts getting hacked and EA’s FIFA DLC, but hopefully now that The Sun has picked up on the story they’ll be forced to do something about it.

“Xbox Cyber Fraud” is the headlines console manufacturers have nightmares about, but Microsoft’s unwillingness to move on the issue is equally frustrating.


The article (which is also on the front page of the newspaper today) seems biased towards blaming the gamers (phishing seemingly being a common ‘reason’ from Microsoft, too) and it’s not particularly well written in terms of getting into the nitty-gritty (read our earlier report for more) but it’s getting the story out there.

“Xbox staff were working last night to protect users from more attacks,” says the report, which is news to us but welcome indeed if true.  “Microsoft will offer refunds if users prove they did not reveal passwords. Gamers should change passwords.”


Source: The Sun.



  1. microsoft so smug when psn got hacked……………..cha!

    • No they weren’t.

      • I have to agree, Microsoft didn’t say much at time. I wouldn’t of been surprised if they didn’t even make the offer of support, as it would of be Microsoft own intrest to find out what happed with PSN so could learn for it.

        Now XBox users/Fanboys making fun out PSN going down that’s totally different matter all together. What we have to do is to act in way thats grown up and not to make fun out others misfortune.

      • didn’t they drop the price of an box by a few quid? or was that retailers

      • Would imagine that was the retailers trying to make a quick buck off of a ‘scandal’, but it may have been Xbox seizing an opportunity i guess.

        I know a couple of people that ‘switched sides’ during the PSN debacle, simply because they couldn’t be without their online CoD fix.

      • Didnt MS say that they “Wouldnt wish this upon anyone” at the time?

      • The GAME Group chose to have a sale on a 360 and Live bundle for a couple weeks at the same time, but Microsoft were actually really good about it all.

      • You are blind then. Microsoft were going to great lengths to stir the hornets nest on that one, keeping the story in the news for months literally months.

        This one they will pay handsomely to ensure it’s buried ASAP.

    • Thats meant to say microsoft fanboys oops wrote on my phone

  2. “Microsoft will offer refunds if users prove they did not reveal passwords. Gamers should change passwords.”

    How can you prove that you did not reveal any of your passwords?

    • Voodoo magic.

      • Same problem happens with Banks (Debit/Credit Cards) with Chip and Pin. How do you prove that you didn’t write down you Pin on the card once it been stolen?

    • You use basic reasoning to display the burden of proof falls on MS to prove that you didn’t.

  3. oh well at least my subscription went to pay pal only phew..
    whatever next? they better not hack into my midgets in latex subscription, or i will be cross.

    • ha!

    • you’re a subscriber too?

      um, i mean uh, you subscribe to that filth?
      shame on you. >_>

      i think i got away with that.
      wait, did i type that?
      why am i typing this.
      better delete it before i accidentally hit the submit button. o_O

      • DANG :(

      • on a serious note, do not google “midgets in latex”.
        trust me on that. O_O

      • Challenge accepted!

      • Don’t tell people not to google something!

  4. Dont hackers have anything better to do instead of messing with MS and Sony? why dont they bust child pornography rings or something equally as evil instead. Bah!

    • They have yet to discover women. Once they realise these beautiful creatures are nigh on impossible to fathom they’ll leave their computers alone and spend the rest of their lives dedicated to penetrating the clothing firewall and having a damn good rummage with their USB ports.

      • Women to a gamers are like level 100. In a game that only has 10 levels.

        Forget understand them, there not haven’t invented a Trophies/Achievements to undertand them, yet.

      • sex = platinum trophy though surely?

    • It would be to easy. The press will not cover it so much. As such there no kudos.

      Hacking like this is usually down 2 things, ego and money.

  5. this isn’t good for gamers. Dear o Dear

  6. I’m worried that the Sun will get some credit for actually help to sort out a gaming issue. The amount of crap gaming stories they run with normally is ridiculous, this is yet another reason why I think gamers need a consumer watchdog body to help resolve this and the myriad other issues that befall the gamer in this industry.

  7. If it really is phising to blame, why aren’t the (presumably) equally as gullible PS3 players being hit too?
    What’s the real cause?

    • As i replied in the other thread, the problem is that pretty much everyone has hotmail as their email these days (okay, and a few Gmail users) and this email is your live account.
      If, through whatever means, they have access to your email, then they have access to your Live account.

      Hands up who’s honestly never had their hotmail’s hacked into and password changed at some point in the last 15 years?

    • I had over £120 taken, I haven’t clicked any offers or revealed my password to anyone, and the Xbox Live password is UNIQUE to Xbox Live.

      Microsoft is covering this one up and blaming phishing. This is a REAL hack, and I hope they get dragged over the coals for doing so, as when Sony got hacked, they got a roasting for coming clean and telling us exactly what occurred (which in the end seemed very little, as I don’t know anyone that lost anything other than 10 minutes to change the password).

  8. I remember when PSN got hacked, the Xbox FANBOYS were all over the place saying how PSN’s security system sucks and the ps3 is shit. Not that I’m happy that XBox live got possibly hacked, it’s just those annoying fanboys. It would really suck if a major online server got downed.

  9. Hacking of any sort is Fork Hunts. Simples. I was gutted when the PSN was attacked. Even tho I dint play xbox I still feel for those who do.

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