Dizzy Remake Is An iPhone Game

Yesterday’s Dizzy tease has come to fruition – the game is an iPhone and Android remake of the 1991 adventure – note, this isn’t a remake of the first Dizzy game, it was actually the sixth.

“In this iOS/Android eggdaptation,” says the press release, “our hero in a whole shell is back in familiar form, complete with red boxing gloves and his trademark somersaults as he ventures forth in an eggventure packed with collect-and-solve puzzles in a magical cartoon world.”


“It always astounds us what a loyal fan base Dizzy still has,” says Philip Oliver. “Even after all these years people remember Dizzy fondly and it’s great to see him return for his older fans and introduce him to a new generation of gamers.”

Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk will be released on Friday, 9th December.



  1. Yeah, Android! Loved that Egg.

    • Yep agreed! Was worried when i saw the title “Iphone game” and thought it wouldnt be on Android!

      Looks fantastic as well, just like i remember (within reason!)

  2. Thought as much.

    • I saw your tweet yesterday, I was praying you were wrong!

  3. Oh that is soooo great. Price of the YolfFolk was one of the shortest Dizzy games so is perfect for the format they have chosen. Hopfully it will become a mini at some point as well

  4. That is slightly disappointing. Was hoping for it on PSN. And a remake of Dizzy: Treasure Island. It’s the one I remember most fondly.

    Anyone remember Fast Food Dizzy? Or something to that effect?

    Oh and Wizkid!!!! Ah nostalgia.

    • Been wiki ing the dizzy games for a few mins, but you are correct, Fast Food Dizzy, or just Fast Food was one of the Dizzy arcade spin offs.

      • I bought all the dizzy games in the 2 collections (Tape) they brought out, on my Amstrad CPC6128 and then used my Multiface2 to “backup” them to disk.

  5. Complete bummer! I love Dizzy and I’ve been built up for a massive let down! Boooo!

  6. Massive let down, but ill probably give the Android version a try.

  7. If I can’t play it through a Kempston Interface, I’m not interested.

    • Maybe the’ll make a Kempston joystick attachment for the iPhone.

      • Oh, they should. I’ve lost countless hours, in my room, waggling my joystick to the likes of Dizzy and New Zealand Story.

  8. Deffo get this but I’m still hoping for Jet Set Willy or 3d Deathchase on Android.

  9. Buggy Boy would be great!

  10. Bit of a let down to be honest.
    Expected it to at least be on PC and would of loved it to be on psn/xbl, Ah well.

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