Morrowind & Cyrodiil in Skyrim?

An intrepid explorer has discovered that both Morrowind & Cyrodiil are in Skyrim, although unaccessible to the player without console commands to activate no clipping.

The explorer is Jesse, 19, from Finland who has documented his findings on his Tumblr blog. Apparently you can see Morrowind if you make your way to Stendarr’s Beacon and follow a path North East that goes between two mountains. Eventually you’ll come across an arch.


Now, you can’t go past the arch unless, as Jesse did, you use console commands to break through the invisible wall put in by Bethesda. Okay, so what clue is there to suggest this is Morrowind?  How about Red Mountain, the volcano on Wardenfell, which is located in Morrowind?

What about Cyrodiil then?

Anyone who has played Oblivion should instantly recognise that as the Imperial City. This shot has been taken from the Oblivion map, the shot below is from Skyrim and shows a similar landmass, without the detail. Now both Cyrodiil and Morrowind are uninhabited in game and the textures get worse the further you move from Skyrim.

The mystery is: why has Bethesda programmed these areas into Skyrim and then made the areas inaccessible? Perhaps the areas are there for future DLC? Or maybe it’s for the modder community to play around with. Maybe it’s nothing more than a giant easter egg.

Whatever the reason for the inclusion, I am impressed that Bethesda has gone to all this trouble.




  1. Very impressive indeed, it makes me a tad more interested in the game, if it wasn’t for me regretting to sell my Wii :P.

  2. It is probably both and easter egg and to add immersion as Skyrim is near Cyrodiil. It adds to the setting as you can see the Gold tower from a mountain in Skyrim. Morrowind is next door to Skyrim so it makes sense to add a gateway to as scenery.

    I didn’t like the fact that there was no signs of a border in Oblivion instead invisible walls which were annoying as hell as i found myself bumping into them by accident whilst exploring. I doubt Morrowind and Cyrodiiil will be used in a DLC as it would have to be limited to one area of it.

  3. I don’t know whether its true or not but I got told they were going to focus on 2 huge DLC’s yesterday, so I hope it’s true and you can go to both!

    • I’m also kinda expecting something big for DLC anyway, the Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion was huge.

      • Good point. Bethesda really went the distance with this one. I am not purchasing it simply because I don’t have the time to invest in this game. It pains me every time I walk past the case on a shelf. Looks brilliant.

  4. Guess it all adds to the overall immersion :)
    I like the attention to detail in this game, even the underwater bits where you’d normally have no reason to go have plants and textures.

  5. There’s not much you can do when people hit the edges of a level. Although I remember swimming across in GTA:SA and hitting 4Stars instantly and then driving like a loon until I was finally hunted down. That was hysterical.

    Perhaps we could usher in some sort of Dragon Patrol for when you sneak across the Skyrim borders.

  6. Like I said on twitter last night, this is going to happen. The framework is already laid out for Bethesda to lay the new textures/skins on top of the old maps. They probably do need to convert a lot of things over from the old maps but it’s not like thay’ll have to create these 2 worlds from scratch, I’d say DLC for March and end of summer. Costly DLC. :D

    • I would probably pay whatever they ask…

      I’ve no idea what subscription fee I would be willing to pay for a Tamriel MMO…

    • If there’s a morrowind DLC for Skyrim, i’ll pay whatever. It scares me to know that i’m not joking :P

  7. I read about this yesterday, and a lot of people round the ‘net are hoping for this to be DLC related. Can’t see this happening as it would have to be either HUGE DLC, or a cut down portion of the land, which would be pointless in my opinion. If they were going to do DLC in the form of extra land mass, would love to see areas like Valenwood, Hammerfell, or Summerset Isle.

  8. Please be DLC! Really impressed with everything Bethesda has done with Skyrim :D

  9. I thought it was so they got the scale of Skyrim corrected and so that you could see landmass outside of Skyrim on the 3D map. Still a bit strange they created an open arch for it though.

  10. I found it last week I wouldn’t be surprised if it was modded or even sold has DLC.

    Modders have created Elywser for Oblivion, wouldn’t be surprised if someone messed around those lands.

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