Massive Poll: When do You Want Next Gen?

You can’t move for the wild speculation regarding the next gen console at the moment but the question is, do we need a new console? We talked about this last month but now we want to see what you think about it. Are you happy with your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the vast array of games available or do you think the systems are starting to show their age and need a refresh?

When the ‘NeXtbox’ and the PS4 launch they will undoubtedly be costly, the Xbox 360 launched at $479.99 and the PS3 was $599.99 and there is very little chance of the new consoles being cheaper. 

No doubt publishers will pass the extra development costs on to players and we may find games rising in price as well – can you afford to pay £50-60 for the latest release?

Many rumours have suggested a Christmas 2012 launch for the new consoles so for the first Massive Poll we want to know when you want your new console.

For the second Massive Poll, you can pick your top five ‘Next Gen essentials’ – will it be a huge hard drive? A quiet, compact design? Backwards compatibility? Get clicking and remember you can pick fiveessential ingredients!

The polls close midnight on Sunday and the results show will follow next week.

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  1. Done :-)

  2. Christmas 2014 is in twice. Is that on purpose?

    • Hmm Polldaddy glitching. I’ll reset the from see if it helps.

      • Much better! Thought it was a trick question ;)

      • Well actually anything after 2012 is a trick question as we all know the world ends then.

      • Shit, I never saw that tweet.

      • Whaaaaaat?! Write ‘Spoiler Alert!’ next time you say something like that!

      • I thought it was pretty common knowledge that the end is nigh in 2012!! There was even a film about it people!

  3. Voted!

  4. Not sure about that list of features, but here’s what I’d expect from a PS4:
    -1080p at 60FpS to be mandated across the board. 3D can continue to be a 30 frames per eye compromise, or can be a 60 frames per eye with reduced horizontal resolution. They simply need to make the hardware to spec, and near the top of the reasonable foodchain.
    – VASTLY improved PSN infrastructure in all aspects, from friends lists being there instantly to cross game chat to better invite systems and mandated party systems online etc. etc.

    That. Is. It.

    • I agree Teffers. PSN features need sorting. Social networking drives will put this near the top of their list I hope. It will need plenty of memory too (and this time Sony reserve some of it for cross game chat and other features that *might* come along in the future). In fact Sony if you are reading this, I saw 16GB of RAM for £60 today. Buy shit loads of it now in preparation for PS4 ;)

    • I concur, 1080p60 should be mandated, as should a unified OS level invite, party & chat system.

    • I reckon it should be 2160p at 120fps. #EyesBurntOut

    • I was trying to keep thing general. If I had listed -1080p at 60FpS i would have to be fair and list lots of other resolutions and the poll would be silly size.

      Hence “Avatar” style graphics as a general “Must look bloody good” category.

      • But the Avatar console game looked pretty pants, really. :P

        I see now what you’re aiming at. Just feels a touch wishy-washy, and there’s only really one place they can take the next generation consoles, in my opinion. After that it’s infrastructure and setting a minimum level of entry.

    • Don’t want much then? I voted for Free Online Gaming, Cross Platform, Large Cap Optical Drive, Backwards Compatability, Keyboard. I also voted Christmas 2015 or after, after all loads of life in the old girl yet :)

      • Not really. All just the usual logical evolution from one generation to the next, just that Sony need to get their arse in gear better and give a much better and more complete baseline for people to start with.

  5. Well, I think it is hard to choose..

    ATM i personally think the best release for a new Playstation would be Christmas 2013, but if my PS3 breaks down in a year, I would appreciate a Christmas 2012 release.

    The fact is I don’t know when I will need a new console. The PS3 is atm sufficient for all my needs. It plays a lot of good games, and I think games like Battlefield and Uncharted proves that there is a lot of power behind.

    But if it is able to develop any further I don’t know. And in that case it will probably need at quick substitute, so it wont be outrunned by PC.

  6. Forgot to mention this earlier, but reliability will be a big factor in me being an early adopter. Stress test it as much as possible and fix/work around all of the issues with the current consoles from the start!

    • M$ take note.

      • Everyone take note, fella. Not just Microsoft. Sure, the RROD was such a huge problem they had to recognise it publicly but they took it on the chin and looked after everyone as best they could. Sony are still in denial over mainboard YLOD faults. Bastards.

    • Recognise when you’ve manufactured something that needs looking after when there’s a recurring problem. Build confidence in that and realise it’ll reward you in the long-term.

      Recognise that your launch price was highly prohibitive to a huge portion of your demographic.

    • To be fair to electronics manufacturers everywhere, there will always be equipment failures. The more complex something is, the more things there are to go wrong. Plus I’d determine the “real” percentage of failure as only those that fail despite receiving proper treatment. The proportion of failures that are caused by dust build-up or other preventable means should not be counted.

      For example NHS costing figures are always touted for “smoking related diseases”. Some of those costs just happen to be people who develop a condition known to be caused or associated with smoking, yet they’re all thrown in the pot together and labelled “because they smoked”, just like failure rates can’t take into consideration contributing factors.

      There are occasions when there is obviously something at fault, as was the case with the launch batch of 360’s (still got my launch core machine going strong yay!) but when electronic failure is in the region of 1% it’s very difficult to attribute blame to either the manufacturer or the consumer, especially as time wears on and they get a lot of use.

      I’m sure everyone would agree though that we want our expensive purchases to work until the next generation, or ideally be guaranteed as thus.

      • I was more referring to consoles that die inbetween a year and two years which is when the (PS3) warranty will have run out! Therefore I think a 3 year warranty might be a must for the next gen consoles as I can see a lot of people holding back until the next batch of models or the slims come out.

      • A 3 year warranty as standard would be very welcome. A perfect package will be hard to create though; it could have everything we want but the price would have to be high in order to accommodate.

      • Everyone knows in the UK that retailers are by law responsible for faulty electronic goods for 6 years from the date of purchase, right? Remember the Sales of Goods Act 1979 and you have nothing to fear B).

  7. Voting accomplished.

  8. I just want the manufacturers to acknowledge if their consoles have a fatal failure and fix it in the next batch. Not COMPLETELY IGNORE THE YLOD SONY. By the 120Gb versions they should have fixed it AT LEAST.

  9. 2014 here I think anything sooner is a bit rubbish for those people who can only now afford a ps3 due to price drop

  10. XMB that’s not lagging! And 1080p!

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